Pharrell – Lessons on Fashion

So you would think rappers can’t dress.

Hideous, I know.  However, one man stands above the rest in terms of fashion sense and style, and that man is Pharrell Williams.  I would dare to say that he has one of the unique styles, blending the casual skater look with that of a sharp prepster.  I find myself trying to emulate his sense of style and make one of my own, blending both timeless items with a new age feel.

Known as a rap mogul to many, please note that Mssr. Williams also was voted “Best Dressed Man in the World” in 2005 by Esquire magazine.  Known to wear a variety of trucker hats, he has transformed his style into his own clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, which includes t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, knits, and denim, among many others.  The guy is testament to not following what’s popular and doing his own thing.  I mean, the guy can pull off almost ANYTHING and still look great – that’s the look we all hope to achieve.

Probably one of the only guys who can go fitted OR baggy, show off some tats,  and still make it look great in a confident yet under-the-radar look.

By all means don’t do exactly what he does with style, but as I’ve said before, try something new and mix-and-match some styles you wouldn’t normally think went together – you’d be surprised how many heads you’ll turn when creating your own style.  I’ll give you an example.

Scene: New York Club with TBGC and Editor

At the door of club, editor is well dressed with slim-fit jeans rolled at ankles, button-down, and capped to dress shoes.  It seemed as though this guy came out of NOWHERE and was in Editor’s face like a Batman interrogation.  “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE!?!” as he points down towards the shoes.  We’re already rubbing off…

-TBGC, Fan of Pharrell

4 Responses to “Pharrell – Lessons on Fashion”
  1. manshion says:

    lol. more:

    Like a hawk out of the night… nay a dark knight himself, this seemingly normal man swoops in with the precision of Batman from a rooftop, although with an unrelenting energy usually attributed to cocaine usage. The interrogation/accosting takes place.

    editor: “wh..what? i’m sorry…”
    editor: “uh b-b-banana republic, they–”
    ::fade to black::

    I’m not one to stutter or really be surprised by anything these days, but that shit.. that shit was just off-putting for many reasons.

    -the editor

  2. deedee says:

    u must be jokin. he looks like a weisel, and dresses like a bitch.

  3. Whattajoke says:

    Seeing as its not spelt “weisel”, it is spelt weasel, you should no be commenting on photos if you have the literary skills of a prepubescent adolescent. O and Pharrell dresses nice, and is able to add his own “swagg” to his clothes.


  4. They all have different Flavor!!

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