Cell Phone Tips for the Wise

Alright, so we always talk about slim-fit shirts, pants, suits, etc.  Please believe this also applies to your accessories.  It’s a shame when you see a gentlemen with a clean outfit wearing a gigantic phone case (see earlier post Cell Phone Holsters if you haven’t read that).  Your phone should be able to fit comfortably in your pocket with minimal bulge. 

Sidekicks are for kids – if you’re over the age of 21, you should NOT have a sidekick.  Period.  Look at their marketing – do you ever see a guy in a business suit whip out his sidekick to close a deal?  My point exactly. 

Flip phones are a no-no.  Those went out of style with the high-top fade.  How do you expect to quickly seal the deal with that cute brunette?  By the time you flip open your phone, she’s out the door.  Please upgrade.  And the good thing about technology is that PDA’s are not that expensive (sometimes).

I ran across this Treo phone meant to battle the almighty Blackberry.  This smartphone has thin design, touch screen, Windows mobile technology (which I think sucks, had a windows phone and hated it) and full QWERTY keyboard, giving you a lot of functionality.  Purchase price – $549 retail.  Wouldn’t buy it though, Treo has got its a$$ kicked by other smart phone makers, mainly Blackberry and Apple.

I’m excited for this puppy here.  Meet the blackberry bold.  Research in Motion (RIM) has revolutionised smart phones for both business and personal use.  You may think they are only for business, but please believe these have just as much functionality as that SIDEKICK PIECE OF CRAP.

First off, you can have conversations with multiple people (if they have blackberries) with the “blackberry messenger” function, akin to instant messenger.  And they best thing is it that  they DONT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR TEXTS.  Add e-mail, lots of talk time, and a weight of only 133g, you have a sleek phone to go with your sleek outfit.  And this thing can fit in your pocket.  I’ve been a blackberry user for over a year now and endorse it wholeheartedly.  If your contract is up, try it out.  I know the iPhone is a sexy, but don’t rule out the power of RIM.


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