Man-ning and Modernizing Your Living Space

Up to now, you’ve learned how to Man-up your wardrobe, tailor-to-fit, slim your being, and even how to pick a weekend bag and sleek cell phones…so today, it is time to conquer ambiance.  This is mainly for the apartment dwellers, but anyone can learn from this advice.

It is important to make some key decisions when furnishing your new bachelor pad, and among those are theme, cost, and space. Theme is a no-brainer!  Modern!  If you are that guy that shops at the furniture retailers that have a “Discount Closeout Sale” or “Going out of business sale” every week…just go head and close the browser, and never read Manshion again.  Modern is easy, new, sleek and just plain old sexy – goal being: don’t furnish your house from a childhood memory of granny’s place, be a Renaissance Man.

Furniture. This is the easy part.  Depending on whether you are conservative or loud, you can take several approaches.  My personal style is to go with dark tones and then one consistent accent color to add some pop to each room.  For instance, the living room boasts a black leather couch, dark wood/ black leather chair, black bar stools, black television stand, and BOOM two orange drinking tables that create the coffee table effect.  You do not have to buy a big traditional coffee table, try combining things, or just being random, it’ll look good.  In terms of bedroom, my room has all black everything, but a white trim wall clock with an orange face.  Try a low bed with minimal features, and avoid the old “I-need-a-step-ladder-to-get-in”-type beds.  Also please note, don’t buy sheet sets that fall short of manliness.  Hopefully by now you know what that means.

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(Pictures above from, also try Crate & Barrel for less modern but still superb furnishings.)

At the end of the day, get what you need, not everything you want, because chances are you should always save as much space as possible (New Yorkers know what I mean).  The roomier your apartment the more sleek and aerodynamic it will look and feel…just like what you are trying to achieve in your wardrobe.

Accessories.  You have to be consistent.  It makes no sense to adorn your house with nice furniture, and then have a housewarming with plastic plates and utensils.  Don’t be an idiot.  I would suggest heading to Target.  They have a great selection of housewares at exceptional price points, and Target (pronounced Tar-jay, in this case) has modernized their merchandise, who would have figured?!

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(Pictures above from

That pretty much covers it.  The theme is Modern, don’t you forget that.  The cost, well it will fluctuate depending on your degree of shopping skill, the degree of quality you seek, and if you even really give a crap about cost in the first place. Space – furnish your house with as little as possible and you will love the Zen that can be achieved.  Not to mention being cramped in an apartment really lowers the value for visitors and all those that have to live there.

Suggestions.  Well if you live in NY, the world is at your fingertips, if not…I would say start your search online and drill down to a few places that have actual stores so you can see the product in person.  I personally love Target for housewares; CB2 (, a store in Soho, NY, and San Francisco, CA) for furniture, glassware, accents, just about everything; Macy’s for towels; and discount retailers (Marshall’s, Bed Bath & Beyond) for your trash receptacles and small items.

When all is said and done, remember that Modern and Minimal go hand-in-hand.

-A Business Man

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