Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

Are these okay? I don’t know. It really depends where you work or what you’re looking to do in such a get-up. I believe we can work through this together through a series of questions.

1.) Are you (already) or do you intend to become a school principal?

If YES, see below examples of how to wear a frumpy man-blouse of a short sleeve shirt that is guaranteed to come with a beer belly, receding hairline, and (understandably) bleak outlook on life.

If  NO… more questions…

2.) Will you be wearing this to work?

Aside from all that man-attitude, not a bad look.

3.) Are you too cool for school?

Bad ass. 25 year old man smoking on high school grounds.

Bad ass. 25 year old man smoking AND drinking on high school grounds.

4.) Are you just a regular guy looking to wear a short sleeve dress shirt without feeling like a you’re going for the hip-nerd/Dwight Schrute look?

Cropped pants/rolled slim jeans + sockless.. not much time left.

Cropped pants/rolled slim jeans + sockless.. not much time left.

5.) Are you in fact a nerd looking to solidify your status? Skip the slim, designer, well tapered version, blouse it out, add a collection of writing implements and you’re unquestionably.. you.

Copped this from a uniform store site. So glad I pick my own.

Copped this from a uniform store site. So glad I pick my own.

The verdict:

Definitely doable with a tie. Very practical and slightly dressy when paired with slacks (sans tie) in the summer. Works well with a knit tie. Tuck the tie in and go beltless.  Refer to the air tie post if you want to take it a step further.

Bottom line, make sure its well tailored and think before you fill up that breast pocket.

5 Responses to “Short Sleeve Dress Shirts”
  1. Andrew says:

    What you think of this shirt I just picked up this weekend.
    I normally don’t do shirts like this but I’ve seen some guys pull it off and I got a good deal on it. Definitely is a tighter fitting more casual shirt

  2. manshion says:

    excellent choice. seriously, this is the great example of short sleeve shirt that can get a little dressed up (to a extent) or down depending upon what you’re going for.. and its cut well.


  3. Respect you trying to tackle such a controversial topic. I’m going to sit on the sidelines for now…not to mention NY winter approaches.

  4. Francis says:

    It’s a shame that the combination of a short-sleeve dress shirt and a tie is so widely hated! While the look doesn’t work for all men, there are many who can pull it off very well. I’m one of them. I love to show my hairy arms, and they look even better with a tie between them. I also wear baggy 100% wool dress pants when I put on a short-sleeve shirt with a tie. I top everything off with gel in my hair and a mild version of the bed-head look. While I wouldn’t wear the short sleeves to a job interview, I do intend to try to get away with it when I find another job. I’ve seen other men look stylish in short-sleeve dress shirts and ties too. On my way to work, I once passed a man in his 20s with reddish blonde hair who wore khaki pants, a light green short-sleeve dress shirt and a light tan tie. I commend him for his fashion sense because the look was fantastic! In a TV commercial, the guy on the phone whose co-worker wanted to borrow his car is another example of men who are fashionable in short sleeves and a tie. A man who played a character by the last name of Johnson in a cereal commercial also looked excellent in his short-sleeve shirt and tie. I support my short-sleeved brethren with ties who dare to be different but also wish that this look would be considered acceptable in the office.

    Now, while everything that I’ve said above may have led you to believe that I’m either a computer nerd or a Joe Sixpack who yells at the TV with his buddies during football games, spills popcorn on the floor, tries to see who’s the best at smashing a beer can on his head and wishes that he could wear jeans, a sports jersey and a baseball cap to work, I’m actually not. I’m thirty-one years old, college educated and trilingual, and I mainly enjoy classical arts and traditional culture. In addition, I have a significantly formal way of speaking. I’m not haughty, though, and I try to convey that as often as possible with my attire. Many of us men who wear short-sleeve dress shirts with ties look professional yet also approachable. We’re fit for the office, but we’re also not snobs or corporate robots. We’re hard working and dependable, and we’re human beings. I hope that a short-sleeve dress shirt with a tie will someday be considered an acceptable combination in business environments, but I also admit that I hope it will never become mainstream. I want to be unique with my look. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone else dressed the same way. I want to enjoy my uniqueness, and I want my scattered, short-sleeved brethren with ties to do the same. Meanwhile, I want the business world to accept us fully. I also want to wear short-sleeve dress shirts and ties while I still can because when there is gray hair on my head, I’ll be too old for this look. So, here’s to short-sleeve dress shirts with ties and us guys who look stylish in them! May we enjoy great success in the workforce!

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