the sarong.

the sarong can be fashioned into a manskirt. often worn outside of the western world, it struggles to find its purpose and place amongst our society. this is for good reason, actually. the man in the manskirt is not one to be trifled with.

3 reasons to fear the manskirt:

  1. A manskirt wearer has no fear.  He lives in a world with no rules, where balls hang free.
  2. The manskirteer has unsurpassed maneuverability. His range of kicking motion is unheard of in even in the samurai world, and coupled with the gratuitous junk-flashing inherent to such kicks, it makes for a lethal combination.
  3. The sarong doubles as a weapon itself, making for an impenetrable defense.  Said defense is also quite potent as the offensive side is usually quite put off and somewhat demoralized by their opponents sub-waist nudity.



When hairplugs, roid rage, and a sarong combine... an asskickingfestparty there will be.

When hair-plugs, 'roid rage, and a sarong combine... an asskickingfestparty there will be.

Didn’t think so.

Another manskirteer, reporting for duty. Duty to annihilate your life in a covert, tactical camouflage sarong.

Manskirts don’t play.

More awful imagery on the manshion facebook page. Check the sure/never album.. look under never.

3 Responses to “the sarong.”
  1. Robert says:

    i would pay money to see you go out in a camouflaged man-skirt.

  2. manshion says:

    as evidenced here:

    i don’t do manskirts. i think its enough that i frolic about in tailored clothing oft without socks and donning skinny ties. anymore manshion action and i’d probably start attracting the wrong attention at night.

    -the editor

  3. Caftans Saga says:

    Batik sarongs are for women while the kikoy and pulicat sarongs are usually worn by men. Sarong it!

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