mantastic: knives.

knives. beautiful knives. men like big dangerous knives. meat cleavers. machetes. you know what i mean. what’s more mantastic then showing off your ridiculous knife collection? using your knife collection ridiculously. for example, buttering toast with a 7″ steak knife. peeling an orange with a circular saw. you get the idea. here are some awesome knives and knife displays that will make your kitchen look drop-dead, stab-you-if-you-try-something, manly.

Nothing says "welcome home" like weaponry on the walls.

Nothing says 'crazy' better than a safety lock on your kitchen knives.. tell your guests it's court-ordered.

a more conventional rack:

go the cheaper route and ikea it out with this magnetic knife rack..

$12 and 2 screws..

$12 and 2 screws..

and just add some of these…

cheese knives, sure.. but they LOOK deadly

cheese knives, sure.. but they LOOK deadly

maybe some of these..

ikea set of 3 $20, my personal choice

ikea set of 3 for $20, my personal choice

and perhaps these too..

or don’t be so subtle. why leave it up to your guests’ imagination that you’re a little on edge, ready to pick up a knife at the drop of a hat… and throw said knife into place of misplaced hat. why not say “i’m a sophisticated man who cooks and needs a variety of knives, enjoys art and irony, AND will not hesitate to cut you” all in ONE lovely statement piece?

brings a awful smile to my face everytime.

brings an awful smile to my face every time.

get your knife game up. scare your visitors and chop parsley with an 8″ fish-gutting, handheld melee weapon… mantastic.

2 Responses to “mantastic: knives.”
  1. Robert says:

    dammit. i thought this was gonna be a manly piece about knives as fashion accessories. 😦

  2. glennis says:

    great piece on knives. love the last holder-gotta get me one of those, if only for a good laugh each day. but maybe not….kinda makes me think about my ex-

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