Man-Boobage=Excessive Baggage

“Man-Boobs”….yes. One of the ultimate hindrances when being a Big Guy (BG for short). There are two approaches to ridding oneself of the man-boob: turn man-boob into muscle or tuck them away for the time being. I’ll approach each method with the most realistic approach on how to “trim the fat” literally…or visually.


Working out is the best, and only, way to permanently get rid of the unsightly man-boob. But, not just any exercise can give you that chiseled chest that you’ve been dying for. Here are a few key workouts that will target the pectoral muscles:

  1. Push-Ups: In order to truly feel the effects of a good push-up on your chest rather than simply on your biceps and triceps, you must make sure you have proper form. Your body should be straight and as flat as a board during each rep and your hands should be about shoulder with apart. Do these slowly and correct each time until you cannot do anymore while keeping good form.
  2. Arm Flys: Immediately after push-ups, grab a pair of dumbbells and begin arm flys. Lie on your back and slowly curl the weights above your chest, leaving each arm slightly bent. The force of the weights above your body, as well as the movement in and out from the ground to the middle of your chest, will provide a strenuous, but stellar chest workout. Again, perform these exercises slowly and accurately for better results.
  3. Bench Press: Following arm flys, proceed to bench press. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bench or a bar with plated weights. You can just as easily use two dumbbells. Perform the same motions as you would on an actual bench just substitute the bench with the floor.

By doing these exercises respectively with no breaks in between, you can give your man-boobs a “mantastic” workout.
*this is the actual routine I use and I have cut down a few “cup sizes” in just 5 weeks. See instructional video at:

Now that the hard work is over, lets move on to the easy stuff…concealing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to hide your flabby pecks.


Now, most are reading this and probably thinking of a bra-type apparatus comically referred to as the “bro.” No….and shame on you for being so disgusting in thinking such a thing. What I am referring to is the commonly worn a-shirt/”wife beater”/tank top/undershirt. Although most may feel that these shirts are more suitable and made for a smaller guy, the reality is that the taught and slightly stretchy fit of these shirts actually help to flatten unseemly bulges in the mid-section and upper torso.

Dark Colors

It may seem like a myth, but darker colors such as black will trim down the “apparent” size of not only your chest area, but also your stomach.


Steer clear of thin and tight fabrics that don’t leave much room for imagination. On a cool day, you could find yourself coming down with a case of “hardnip polightus,” if you get my drift. Also, try not to wear materials that are too thick and will add another layer on top of your already layersome physique.


This last tip has nothing to do with clothing or fashion, but self-realization and self-esteem. Many BG’s tend to suck in their to seem a little more fit. Although your stomach might hide away for the time being, usually, this will over accentuate the appearance and size of your boobage. By accepting that your stomach may be a little larger than others, not only can you go throughout your day feeling comfortable, but you decrease the risk of others “ogling” your cleavage.

Notice the thin material creating pokies on this mannequin. Imagine if this was a plump individual

Notice the thin material creating "pokies" on this mannequin. Imagine if this was a "plump" individual.


3 Responses to “Man-Boobage=Excessive Baggage”
  1. Blu Hulk says:

    Thanks for this post! I am a big guy and I have (unfortunately) been dealing with ny man-boob problem for years. I’ve done the “tank top as support” option for a long time (lol), but Im gonna try the other ideas.

  2. larok says:

    No problem man. It’s always great to hear a fellow “BG” finding some insight on Manshion “Plus”. One more suggestion; add plaids, stripes, and similar patterned clothing to reduce the attention and focus on “pokies.” Thanks for the comment.

  3. Fabio says:

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that none of the exercising will do much good if you don’t also alter your diet. Cut down the fat, lots of veggies, whole grains (no white bread) and protein. Learn to love salad with light dressings (caesar salad or anything with cream is a waste of time). And drink lots of water; Powerade and soda don’t count.

    I did and I’ve lost a lot of weight, including a lot of weight from I considered to be moobs.

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