Fall Preview Vol. 1: Colognes

Fall is upon us, and we plan on brining you a repertoire that is sure to have you not only prepared for the fall, but you will probably be better looking than your counterparts.  The style tips will range from outerwear to underwear, and everything in between. 

I’m here to talk about fragrances – you may think you can use the same fragrance throughout season.  In some cases you can, but for the most part you should try to switch fragrances to match the season.  In the fall, try to go with a bolder scent to cut through the brisk air.  Heavier, muskier scents are appropriate for the fall, as they will be a nice blend with the cool fall air.

There are a number of different scent variations you can choose from for the fall – “woods” are more bold and classic, “dry woods” is more of a leathery scent, and “mossy woods” takes the traditional woodsy scents and adds a touch of citrus to spruce up the scent.   

A fragrance that I recommend is Sean John Unforgiveable, which is very masculine scent that blends amber and rum to give off a sexy and seductive scent. 

Another to try is Jean Paul -Gaultier that combines lavender, woods, orange blossom, and cinnamon to make a pretty serious concoction.   And it comes in the shape of a man. 


Another from a very well-respected designer is John Varvatos.  His cologne is another masculine scent made for the fall that blends tamarind tree leaves, coriander seed templar and clary sage flower.  The scent provides subtle yet sensual scent.

At the end of the week, we will let you know where to buy everything we speak about.

The base of your fall wardrobe should be a strong scent – don’t roll up looking like a million bucks and smelling like a nickel (figuratively and literally).


2 Responses to “Fall Preview Vol. 1: Colognes”
  1. Rich says:

    Sean John is a great fall cologne…It is a bit strong for the summer. I use the aptly named CK Summer for warmer weather…Curve by Claiborne is good all weather cologne…I think colognes are a mixed bag based on the your own body scent. Sometime it smells great from the bottle but bad on the person

  2. t.rex says:

    I recommend L’Eau D’Issey for summer. It’s super bright and citrusy with lots of bergamot. Even more intense is the new Dior Homme – adds a touch of grapefruit. Personally, in the cooler months i favor Marc Jacobs. Just sayin’.

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