fall preview (cont.): the y-neck

I love the fall. Layering rocks. Why does layering rock? Because we all know its easier to hide that your shirt isn’t ironed. Plus, you automatically look dapper with a sweater over dress shirt combo (assuming both of which fit properly, are clean, and don’t have big emblems/graphics sprawling across them). Oh yea, and layering is functional fashion. [Note: I will also be writing about the downfall of the sweater over shirt combo and it’s unfortunate overkillage].


Wtf is a y-neck? It’s like a v-neck.. just with some vertical buttonage added below the v-area.

This over a complimenting T-shirt + Blazer/Cardigan/Casual Trench = Layered Fall Look

Shopping List:

Now go out there and layer one today! (Or when your respective locale cools down enough to necessitate layerage).

Uh.. “Rough” Examples (just get an idea of the concept from this runway fodder):

Option number 2, not so ridiculous actually. #1 is a little unrealistic.

One Response to “fall preview (cont.): the y-neck”
  1. NSK says:

    What’s your take on the collared-shirt-under-y/v-neck look?

    I tried to pull this off the other day – light blue lacoste under a dark gray, close-fit v-neck t-shirt, and I think it was a resounding failure. I’m considering scissoring the sleeves off the v-neck to make a sort of v-neck shirt vest.

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