mantastic: brogues.

Sometimes a man wants to be a little formal. Sometimes a man wants to party. When a tuxedo t-shirt is not readily available, a brogue may be just the trick. You see, brogues, much like the tuxedo t-shirt say

“I’m a gentleman of distinction and valor…and I’m not trying to spill beer on my fine italian loafers or get them bar trodden, so I’ll throw on some brogues.”  


Lots of options here, with varying pricepoints. The idea here, though, is that they’re all made to be a little rough around the edges.  Could you pair them with a suit? Some of them, sure.  However, brogues look great with age and wear.  The tendency towards rubber soles here should also tip you off to the fact that they can be worn like sneakers (somewhat, some with the same level of comfort) in that they pair well with jeans.  So, get out there and spill alcohol on them, kick children with them, and run from the authorities in them, because, hey, you’re wearing brogues.

ps. The Joker wore brogues, too.

pps. Oh Yea! Buy these and stop wearing those Steve Madden bowling shoes already. Yes, they’ll get you into the club, but NO they won’t get you respect.

2 Responses to “mantastic: brogues.”
  1. Andrew says:

    interesting post. Never really considered these before especially with jeans.

    If you had to pick one brown shoe that could be paired with jeans and a t-shirt but could also work with a pair of chinos and a tie what would shoe would it be?

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