Fall Fashion vol. 2: Layering

Fall is one of those months where you can throw on a couple more layers and still look sleek.  However, don’t overdo it by adding too many layers and looking like a linebacker.  It’s extremely easy to look bulky when you’re layering, so here are a couple of initial tips.

1. AVOID MULTIPLE POLOS at all costs.  Just not cool.

2. DONT WEAR A POLO W/ A BUTTON DOWN UNDERNEATH.  Whoever told you that look is tight is lying to you.  It will definitely will you look a bit too bulky (not to mention, silly) when your ensemble is finished. 

3.  When purchasing a sweater, fleece, cardigan with the intention to wear it on top another shirt, go a size smaller.  This way, it will minimize bulk, and in case you don’t wear a shirt underneath, it will still be slim-fitting.

Layering isn’t really that hard – a simple shirt & tie / sweater is a clean and simple outfit.  Even a blazer on top can be pulled off, but making sure that you don’t add to much heft to your outfit.

These guys definitely get the point across well.  Fall colors (oranges, browns, greens) blend together very well.  A shirt, tie, and jacket with a subtle pocket square.  Notice that they blend several of the things spoken about on the site – heavier coats in the fall, slim fit sweaters and shirts, skinny ties.  Perfect ensemble for the fall. 

If you haven’t seen “The Devil Wears Prada,” I would suggest watching solely to a. appease your girlfriend’s monthly chick-flick quota, and b. see this guy’s outfits in the movie.  Several of which combine layering, and his outfits are always on point (besides the fact he works for a psycho magazine and isn’t exactly the lumberjack model of masculinity).  Nonetheless, inspiration.

Keep the colors subtle.  Fall colors like brown, orange, green, navy, yellow all go together, but don’t go overboard with all of the “livelier” ones at once.


One Response to “Fall Fashion vol. 2: Layering”
  1. J-Dog says:

    Hey Editor,
    Long time reader, first time commenter. Although its off-topic, I was wondering if you had seen MTV’s From G’s to Gent’s. While I know distinguished Gentleman such as ourselves only fill our busy schedule sparingly with quality programs like Mad Men, I was curious as to your thoughts about some of the crossover between your lessons and the show.

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