“Dress to your ____.”

In typical blogger fashion, I funnel in all men’s fashion news from around the web. My google reader on the manshionblog@gmail.com account has about 25 different fashion feeds serving me 100-200 headlines per day. So, unfortunately, I can not remember where I came across this phrase, but it struck a chord with me as this is literally my daily morning-mantra: “Dress to my _____.” 

What does this mean? I literally pick a favorite sock, tie, suit (most common), shirt, vest, cufflink, tie-bar, pocket square, shoe, etc. and then focus on forming an outfit around that item.

Today’s item? A purple, paisley, narrow tie.

How did I dress TO it?


  1. Purple tie AND Paisley? Subtle or No-pattern shirt. There’s a subtle fabric texture striping in my shirt, not a thick pinstripe
  2. Chose a light purple, lilac shirt to better coordinate with the deep purple tie
  3. Navy suit helps make the dark purple seem less dark (much more so than a black suit would)
  4. Navy socks with purple poca-dots  
  5. Purple is a color of royalty (as I’ve heard), and so I went with french cuffs.
  6. Also in royalty land, gold, was the metal of choice today (cufflinks and belt buckle)
I know, striped shirt with similar-spaced striped suit = bad. However, in person, the shirts texture striping is much more subtle and doesn’t jump out like it did for the camera.
The socks. Don’t worry–the belt matches the shoes.


So get out there and try it. Morning after morning.. or evening. Or afternoon for that matter, if that’s when you get dressed. Think about the one cool/new/different thing you want to wear and then form an outfit around that, piece by piece (matching pieces, please).  See what you come up with. Perhaps even buy odd, cool, pieces just for the sake of making this exercise more interesting every day. This line of thinking alone may be all you really need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

2 Responses to ““Dress to your ____.””
  1. BossJones says:

    I do the same. Like how you break it down.

    Question for you,

    How many items do you think you have in your wardrobe?
    Shoes, Ties, pocket squares, cuff links…etc


  2. mcccullen says:

    i don’t know if this goes without saying, but a tailor will ask you if you dress to the left or to the right to find out which pant leg your penis typically occupies- that is, which side of your fly it lives on.

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