on the street: seersucker debacle

I’d like to first state that once you are past acceptable child fathering age, you are beyond fashion regulation and can appear in off-kilter out-patient-like garb at your own discretion. This man, however, is still very much in his early 30’s and has no excuse for defiling a seersucker suit with team issue Converse high tops. Not ironic or daring, just lazy and bothersome to look at. I guess this is what happens when you fail out of private school and wallow in tv dinners and reruns for years thereafter.

3 Responses to “on the street: seersucker debacle”
  1. BossJones says:

    LOL. Was this taken with your iphone? Damn good quality.

    Also a damn shame.


  2. Candace says:

    I saw someone on the metro the other day wearing a light blue seersucker suit. Same guy?! Oh geez, I hope there aren’t two of them.

  3. Joseph says:

    Your insecurity must run deep for you to spend so much time criticizing other people’s choice of clothing. This behavior isn’t necessary to talk about fashion and I have to guess that your head is pretty inflated if this is how you spend your time.

    Furthermore, I’m not oblivious to the criticism that I’ve given around here, but unlike yours, mine has all been directed at styles of fashion, and not at people, individually or collectively. In contrast, you sound like someone who thinks he is better then others and looks down on everyone else.

    A true fashion guru would never do this, because they will know that not everyone will agree with them or is as capable of styling themselves. A true fashion guru would also know that the very style they critique others for adorning today, may very well be fashionable again one day soon and appreciated by them as well.

    In fact, the very style that you critique has already been seen twice in the fashion world and will likely be seen many more times, simply because it’s youthful, rebellious and easy to do.

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