fall scarves

Now that it’s actually cold, scarves are back in the game.  Nothing like a fall scarf.  Well, perhaps a winter scarf would be like it, just heavier.  You see, where a winter scarf is really necessary for keeping you from getting sick in frigid temperatures when paired with a wool coat or parka, the fall scarf is really just an excuse not to wear a real jacket.  So go for a thin scarf, in cool muted colors, or perhaps some more daring hues that channel the colors of fall (dark, moody oranges, reds, and greens).

On the way to work [50-60 Degrees (Farenheit)]:

sweet loafers too.


albeit a bit sloppy, you get the idea.

albeit a bit sloppy, you get the idea.



Think the looks a little too Euro for you?  Skip the linen/cotten/man-made fabric blends and go for a flat wool scarf.  Look for a thin, shorter one and you’ll still be in the fall scarf category rather than the winter side of things.

More Casual: (and hopefully colder)


thicker scarf, colder weather.

thicker scarf, colder weather.

Look for a shopping list on good fall/winter scarf deals soon.

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