more fall fashion: chunky sweaters

Fall, winter, same thing minus a jacket. Chunky sweaters can sub for a jacket in the early fall.  Much like last year and this spring where the cardigan was making its rounds in place of a suit jacket here and there, the chunky sweater, well, has been doing the exact same.. since probably the same time.

Think grey, brown, dark greens, black, navy, and tan knits–safe colors.  Throw them over that orange striped oxford, or white button-down with red tie. Perhaps leave the blazer at home this Friday and go with a thick cable knit sweater with toggles over your slacks.

Good calls:

Definitely stop by BBlessing in NY (alphabet city, lower east side) and pick up a few necessary items (and check out the cool showroom). Pricier than your usual shop, but sweaters like this are classics, not trend pieces… things that age well.

b/c i'd never wear this myself, see option below (and comments)

much better, still micro patterned, but less holiday-sweaterish

much better, still micro patterned, but less holiday-sweaterish

3 Responses to “more fall fashion: chunky sweaters”
  1. earlax says:

    Good call on the sweaters, but you’re high if you think the one in the middle looks good. I would pass that up for $2. Eww.

  2. manshion says:

    Ya know, I can’t see myself actually wearing that one either. It takes a certain kind of man to pull off a double breasted Christmas sweater knitted by your grandmother. For the sake of our future, I think I’m gonna’ swap that example out for something, well, better.

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  1. […] even need to write about this. The shawl collar sweater is like the result of simple formula. Chunky fall sweaters + Layering + Cardigans = Shawl Collar Sweaters. You probably already own one. If you don’t, […]

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