Fall Fashion v4: Plaid

Remember when you were in third grade when you would wear a plaid shirt and it was actually cool?  Then, as you got older, the pattern kind of faded out…

Well, it’s 2008, and crazy enough, plaid is back, and just in time for the fall.  Plaid can go well with a variety of different outfits, it just depends on how you wear it.  And since it is usually made from a heavier material, it’s perfect to keep warm as the “hawk” starts rear its ugly head. 

First off, I actually did some research, and came across the term “tartan,” which is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple coulours (read: PLAID).  So when you’re wearing you’re plaid (I mean, Tartan) shirt, give your critic some knowledge on the pattern.  The look is not so much a wear-to-work look; go for a casual look when putting on a shirt.  Since the patterns do look a bit busy, try pairing with a solid colored sweater / vest that will bring out some of the patterns in the shirt.   J Crew has a very good selection of nice tartan patterned shirts for the fall…

Try not to add too much to your wardrobe ie. dont wear a belt, shoes, pants all with the same pattern.  If you’re going to pair it with a tie, make sure its solid – again, the pattern is already busy, so you don’t want to add too much / clash with your wardrobe.   Dark colors work well like greys or navy to accent the colors.   Although the pattern that Skateboard P has is not tartan (looks more like gingham) I think it conveys the point well.

more to come on gingham later.   If you pull off the patterns correctly, maybe one day you be as cool as this guy.

(ok, not really tartan, but you get my point)


2 Responses to “Fall Fashion v4: Plaid”
  1. Sophistication says:

    I do not think chris brown, is dressed nicely. He looks sloppy. On the other pharrell is fresh…as usual.

  2. tbgc says:

    Thanks for the post, definitely agree with the above – CB does not look very well put together in the photo. I chose it more so for Pharrell, who again always dresses to impress.


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