denim shirts

Apologies for the lack of posting–work’s been rough lately (really? in financial services? in America!?).  Unfortunately, posts may be a bit scattered for the next week, so I ask that you bare with me.

I’d like to just tell you do A, B, and C, buy a denim shirt, and you’re in the game.  Unfortunately, I can not.  For I, yes, I, editor of manshion, do not know how to pull off a denim shirt.  I’ve been ridiculed by my style consultants (past girlfriend, best friend, older sisters–professionals in this field I ASSURE YOU) for my attempts at pulling off the denim button-front.  Since I can offer you literally nothing of substance (leaving me to be just another knowledge-lacking, content stealing, non-value-adding blogger) I will in true blogger form, just throw together a bunch of images and analyze them for why they do/do-not succede in pulling of the denim shirt.

If you’ve been paying attention to manshion (not just the site, but man fashion in the world at large) you’ve noticed the rising popularity of workwear this fall. The denim shirt, hence, is now acceptable again to the average joe, jamal, jarraff, jorge, jeeves, or jin, or.. more average anybodies I missed.

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