A Lesson on Etiquette

Similar to the Editor’s circumstances, I work on Wall Street and this week has been interesting to say the least.  However, would like to give a few quick thoughts on some lifestyle topics that are relevant.  We’ve spoken on fall fashion and various trends to look sharp over the next season, but also be mindful that one must continue to not only revamp his wardrobe, but also maintain his manners (especially in these recessionary times).

1) In this technological age, turn down your life and your Ipod.  Don’t be the guy in an elevator blasting Kanye who consistently uses expletives that aren’t appropriate for work. 

2) Consistent with the previous comment, DO NOT curse out in public.  It’s just foul.

3) When walking out of an elevator, don’t step foot outside unless all the ladies inside have gotten out. 

4) Maintain composure at all times.  I know there are times where you want to kick someone’s head off for ticking you off; make sure to brush it off and go along with your life.  Don’t stoop down to the idiots around you.

5) LISTEN.  I can’t tell you how many times I see people get cut-off mid thought.  It’s really annoying.  Especially when ladies are talking / venting.  Often times, they don’t really want a solution, they just want an ear to listen. 

These are just a few tips, but there are plenty more that could be spoken about.  However, I have to get back to work and watch the financial world fall apart one day at a time.


4 Responses to “A Lesson on Etiquette”
  1. keviv says:

    I’ve always had an awkward experience with this:

    3) When walking out of an elevator, don’t step foot outside unless all the ladies inside have gotten out.

    My floor is the first one serviced by an elevator bank, so during busy times (like lunch time, or 5pm on a Friday) the elevator is pretty filled by the time it stops on my floor. As a result when I get in, I am standing squarely in front of the doors, with not much wiggle room on either side. What are the proper manners in this situation?

    – Do I walk out as soon as the doors open, but stand to the side of the elevator with a hand against the doors (to prevent them from closing, ostensibly) while the ladies get out


    – do I try and squeeze to the side while inside the elevator so that there is space for the women to exit beside me


    – do I walk out and keep on walking, figuring there isnt much I can do in a crowded situation?

    (I know the best is probably to wait for a less crowded elevator, but really, who wants to linger around in an elevator bank when you’re trying to sneak away a little early ;))

  2. manshion says:

    HAHA, awkward situation indeed. I’d say do with option 1 and step outside the elevator, off to the side, and put an arm out to hold the door. It may be more symbolic than anything, but it is better than just appearing like the man who throws women and children overboard to make room on his lifeboat (figuratively speaking).

  3. tbgc says:

    Ditto to the editor – option one is definitely the best choice. I have seen people go with option three as well (literally turn around and see how crowded it is, say forget that and walk out), but atleast they have the thought of chivalry on their mind.

    I would personally like to try out #2 myself… =)

  4. the Elevator thing definitely needed to be said, i totally hold doors for chicks, but forgot that elevators are doors too,

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