colorful pants

Today really is a new day in men’s fashion as I find myself contemplating the idea of buying pants outside of the black, brown (lets include tan and khaki in here), and blue (denim or navy anything) realms. Crazytalk, I know. Scarier than the idea of parting with money for RED PANTS during times like these is the idea of walking outside in them. But alas, that’s what they pay me to do. (This is a lie. In all actuality, this is what I pay to do and waste time on to tell you about… ah hobbies are great).

So I saw these on last week and was intrigued.  I had ruled myself out of the colored pants category after a humorously over-the-top preppy phase in my college days, but for some reason these pants spoke to me.  The zipper opened and created a mouth that pursed its lips.  The top of the front pockets cinched up like concerned eyes. Then the denim uttered the most glorious sound. It was a female voice… she said, “Editor of…. your time has come… step into a colorful pant… one leg at a time, the world of assorted leg-coverings shall be yours.” I then put her in the freezer.

Much like the photo demonstrates, I’d suggest toning down the loudness of the pants with conservative colors… black, grey, brown, navy, etc.

Colorful denim seems like a no-brainer for casual looks, but I think its much more interesting to dress these colors up into date-worthy wear.

Perhaps it can’t be done (continued from above), but I accept the challenge–that is, making such colorful denim look like proper meet-the-parents-for-dinner-wear. I’ll follow up soon with the results.

Expect (hope) results to come out something like this:

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  1. С Днем тестировщика! С праздником!

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