Pro’s and Con’s of the Converse

Today, I’ll be taking a break from the pluz-sized advice and focus on something we can all relate to….footwear. Recently, I’ve found myself (and apparently others) in the middle of a Grunge-GQ-Casual three way tug of war. Deciding what’s appropriate for which event is one of the most difficult choices for a Manshionite to make. Unlike some, I like to walk the fine line that connects all three styles. Amidst this potentially problematic walk, I have found a common ground on all levels. The Converse.

Yes, you might be thinking to yourself, “self…Converse?” And the answer to your question is YES! VERY MUCH. I have found that a good converse can be the connecting factor between the semi-grunge look, a casual khaki attire, all with a GQ twist. Sounds like a lot? Well….it is….and very difficult to pull off without the appropriate research.

For all you skate border/rockers looking to slightly upgrade from the common and ever-so-unappealing DC sneaker and checkered hoody, slap a Converse on with your ripped-legged jeans. Top it off with a hooded shirt/sweater. NOTICE I did not say HOODY! There’s a significant difference between a fitted or ribbed sweater with a connecting hood (no zipper) then an “overly-fabricated” bulky hoody. 


The Converse also works well with semi-formal attire. In this new age we live in, apparently it is now not only acceptable, but down-right “trendy” to rock a pair of sneakers with a fine tailored suit. Not everyone can pull this off but take precautionary measures when attempting. You don’t want to end up looking like an ass. So, NO TIES for this one. I’ve seen some fully-suited individuals recently defying the laws of fashion (in my own point of view) by adding sneakers to your formal evening attire. Now, I’m an advocate for a good old fashion Converse….but with a tux? hmm….

Lastly, and my personal favorite, the “Casual Converse.” There are a number of outfits available at your disposal when casually rocking the “verses”. From vests and blazers to graphic tees and polos, this is where the Converse often shines and is most apparent.

3 Responses to “Pro’s and Con’s of the Converse”
  1. Adash says:

    Have you seen the David Tennant incarnation of Dr Who? He does the suit/cons look pretty well – even with a tie.

    Not the best pic, but its all the internet would deliver.

    Also, Kurt Cobain signature Cons with “punk rock means freedom” written inside them. *vomit!* I love Nirvana and have about 3 pairs of cons on the go at the moment – but you couldn’t pay me to wear those.
    (I know its just an example pic and you aren’t necessarily endorsing those particular shoes)

  2. LaRok says:

    Thanks for the post. I must admit, I stand corrected. The picture probably doesn’t do the entire ensemble justice, but even I can say it’s definitely acceptable. I could be mistaken, but the suit looks a little more casual, which I like.

    I’d also have to agree with the Cobain Cons. If you’re gonna memorialize a legend, I think you need to come a little harder than that. I personally prefer the Cobain high-top Chucks. Although a bit risky (and busy), they could complement a more subtle punk outfit. But even those would be a stretch for my own wardrobe.


  3. Justin D says:

    I feel like if you’re going to do a basic canvas, you’d be better off with Vans classic lace ups, or slip ons. Converse just seem so immature and played out. Plus Vans offers a much greater selection of colors and patterns.

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