get a good black/gray blazer

If it resembles a smoking jacket, that’s actually a good thing. However if it’s actually made of silk and subs for a Hugh Heffner costume, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. Be it velvet, cotton, traditional wool, or some upper-end polyester make, I may just make it a rule to get yourself a good black blazer for the fall/winter. Actually, you can wear it year round, but it just makes so much sense to get one now. Scarf, blazer, shirt, loosened-tie, dark jeans/gray slacks (black blazer)/black slacks (gray blazer)… you’re all set. The better the cut, the better the look, so don’t think you can just pull the jacket off a shitty old suit and fake it. No, no. Do it for real and leave the coat behind like the reckless vagabond you are. Matter of fact, don’t buy it unless it has peak lapels, narrow lapels, or a shawl collar. The blazer I’m talking about here (for once) is on the loud side. No it doesn’t have graphic print on it, so scratch that idea. No it doesn’t have sequins, and I’d dare you to actually ask me that in a serious manner. No you shouldn’t wear it with a suit, unless its a tux–a flashy tux that’s suited for entertainment style events and not so much an armed forces award banquet. But it may have satin lapels.. it may have contrast piping or other details… Enough talk from  ye olde Editor… picturas for los peoples:

over dark jeans or gray slacks, shine your shoes accordingly

over dark jeans or gray slacks, shine your shoes accordingly

always proper, but can be subtle or flashy depending on your mood

One Response to “get a good black/gray blazer”
  1. Zaihan says:

    I have a single-button blazer almost exactly as the first one pictured, but the lapels are only satin on the inner edge. I’m a tiny guy, so was ecstatic when I found it off the rack almost perfect. A little tailoring helped bunches, but the upper arms are still a little loose. Need to grow some biceps.

    A look I love to have is exactly as you described, over a white (v-neck) tee; with slim, tapered, dark blue jeans; finished with a thin black belt with simple silver buckle & black leather plimsols with perforated sides.

    I am normally dressed preppy/casual at work, pretty much the ensemble above but substiture the leather footwear with canvas sneakers, cloth belts and sans the blazer, usually with a cardigan or hoodie over.

    It’s a very easy update, but one that somehow makes people think I dressed way up. Strange. makes me feel like they think I normally look super sloppy.

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