fingerless gloves

Been hearing about these a lot lately, and luckily haven’t been seeing too many. Why luckily? Because, believe it or not, THIS GUY (the editor) actually thinks it’s a cool little trend to get in on as it leaves Hipster territory and makes it way to “ughh even that guy that wears sweatpants to bar is wearing it” land. However, if between you and your pals there are more than 20 uncapped fingers, you’re probably doing the look an injustice in the form of overexposure.  Let’s draw a very line here, though (fashion rulebreakers take your cues here), you shouldn’t be wearing these to work. If you are to be wearing them with a suit, then definitely make sure this is a dressed down look you are sporting. Say, a washed oxford, pimsols or boat shoes, loosened vintage skinny tie or knit tie (tucked in), beltless… that kind of look, sure, by all means go with fingerless gloves. Anywho, here are some weekend looks that make fingerless gloves seem not so ridiculous for this season and next season’s cold weather.

Scholarly Man About Town (with a hint of badass)

The Gentlemanly take on the Recession:

gray flannel, well tailored, long lasting

The scarf from above would also work well in addition to or instead of the tie.

The brogues are rubber-soled and wear like sneakers. Some well-worn brown Sperry Topsiders would also do the trick.

So, yep, fingerless gloves may not be as awful as they sound… experiment or stare down upon them, your choice. Polls…

5 Responses to “fingerless gloves”
  1. FeloniousMoz says:

    Watch the demand for fingerless gloves skyrocket with the advent of touchscreen phones. Function over fashion.

    Are you aware of a source for that awesome shoe brand stateside? Been looking for a pair I can thrash and not feel too guilty about, $50-80ish. Looks like I’ll have to import…

  2. Pablo Raul Trillion III says:

    Personally, fingerless gloves remind me of Mad Max, which is a good thing because thats one of my favorite action movies….

  3. Patrick Frye III says:

    One can never go wrong with correct London accessories of the Victorian &
    Edwardian periods.
    Always smart and very practical.
    Originally it was women at the thread-work and the pickpockets of the
    streets that wore them, but the practicality
    caused the whole of society to use them, in some form or another.
    My cat Phyllis bites at them when I am close to her with them on my hands.

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