Umbrellas are a man’s best friend

Why are umbrella’s great? Besides instantly elevating you above the less fortunate:

The Less Fortunate:


They also can set you a cut above your “peers.” Why the ubiquitous “quotes of disbelief” (as I like to call them)? Because it’s hard for me to call these “umbrella” carriers my peers (more q.o.d.’s).

The Foolface-ed:


If you are a sane person that cares about your appearance and likes his accessories to match his style (a cut above the previously displayed pictures), you will need 2-3 umbrellas in your umbrellarsenal. Why 3? Well, one should be small enough to pack in a briefcase, another should be a dandy-fied, full-length number to show off your gentlemanliness, and the last a big old umbrella that would make shelter for you and the kids (er.. one day) that you just keep in the coat closet for emergencies.

Proper Umbrellas:

wood handle, fits in work bag

wood handle, fits in work bag

books brothers gentleman style

brooks brothers gentleman style

One Response to “Umbrellas are a man’s best friend”
  1. Raz says:

    I’ll admit that being born in Seattle, I tend to scoff at actually needing to use an umbrella (it’s a sure fire way to spot a tourist). However,from a purely aesthetic standpoint I love them. Such a wonderful accessory that can quickly pull together an outfit and elevate the gentlemanliness (to hijack your phrase) of even the least meticulous outfit.

    Great assessment on needing three as well. Nothing can replace the handiness of an easy to pack umbrella for emergencies. Previously mentioned immunity to rain in mind, I tend to omit this from the collection myself instead opting for the style of a full length instead. The massive, multi-person umbrella is especially fantastic for a lovely rainy day date, strolling through the park with a coffee or tea.

    Good call.


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