never: muggs.

Upon hearing news that Uggs are trying to really push their products on men this year, I figured I’d just get this out of the way.  There’s no room for a comfort boot in a man’s wardrobe.  It’s practically an oxymoron.  The whole concept is ridiculous.

Who wants a boot that…

A.) Looks feminine?


B.) Is NOT rugged or durable?

tea party boots.

tea party boots.

C.) Makes you look like this guy?

yikes at your life

yikes at your life

Men don’t let other men wear Uggs.

Possible exceptions:

  • dedicated potheads
  • mentally challenged
  • uggs slippers as house shoes
  • Halloween costume making fun of stereotypical college girl (ie. “going to class hungover girl”… you know; pukey school sweatshirt, old-school sweatpants tucked into uggs, barbed-wire hair, 1/3 of yesterday’s makeup)
2 Responses to “never: muggs.”
  1. Jarrett says:


    This is ludicrous. I live in L.A. and already can’t walk 5 feet without seeing a bunch of chicks wearing them. I don’t think women should wear them anymore either to be honest. But men. Wow… I know it’s going to be huge in L.A. too I’m sure.

    And that second picture. He’s sitting on a tractor. Is he really about to do farm work in those? Seriously? His foot would get cut off!

  2. MosquitoControl says:

    In fairness to the moron in the last picture, Uggs were invented for Aussie farmers.

    And, in fairness to men in Uggs, these are acceptable if you live somewhere cold and need boots for the snow:

    Other than that… no. Not for girls, either. The undergrad look of a baggy hoodie, black tights and giant Uggs is really, really confusing.

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