manage your money

What does your financial plan have to do with your style? A lot actually, as you will see in the upcoming bullets of wisdom.

Bank Accounts (get two).

Ever wonder why some guys (even without a big salary) seem to have no problem dropping money on drinks, food, etc. when they’re out on the town? Well, aside from the obvious “because they have a lot of money,” there’s also the type that has planned accordingly.  One way to do this is to go from one checking account to two.  Your first account is now simply your expense account.  Give yourself a good amount of “play” money in here… or whatevers leftover after you factor in your new account. The new account is for your money thats not to be messed around with (rent, bills, alimony payments, gambling debts, paying off that mail-order bride, etc.).

Direct Deposit (because you can’t trust yourself).

Yea, I don’t know about you but the two accounts thing isn’t enough. I won’t transfer my money according to my budget most of the time if its left up to me. Hence, decide how you want your money allocated and get it set in beaurocratic or frustratingly-old-payroll-software ‘stone’ so that the choice is no longer up to you and you follow your budget whether you like it or not.

Invest in a Savings Account (because the market has ruined your 401k, too).

What? A third bank account? Yea. These days it looks more and more like we may be saving our pennies for the rainy days ahead. Get an online savings account with a good rate. I’d say if you’re ambitious do the stock thing, but with the way the markets are going, I’d go for the safe bet for now. Use this money to get the ball rolling on future plans (that engagement ring, buying a home, retirement, that mail-order bride again down the road, etc.) or for emergency situations.


Just some basics that can get you away from the check-to-check lifestyle that even some 6-figure idiots gentleman, ridiculously enough at times, can find themselves in. Of course this all may not be possible if you’re drinking your life away (daily/nightly), have a gambling problem, have a drug addiction, have a hoarding problem, or you are a financial masochist.

Now, it’s up for you to decide whether fingerless gloves are a purchase to be made from your ‘play’ money expense account, or a fixture budgeted for strategically in your “because I can’t afford to eff this up” account.

One Response to “manage your money”
  1. i agree with the two bank accounts… But let them not exceed your total income or else you are screwed big time as me… i didn’t knew and besdes im pretty young and inexperienced. But i can say “i learned myself”

    And the most dangerous thing to do… have ca$h in your pockets. i mean extra cash when your are going partying.
    if you are going to party like a rockstar get just the amount of money youll need… 10$ for the taxi. 50$ for drinks 5$ condomns, whateever… soo
    be careful with money

    BTW i’ve just added you on my blogroll
    i just love your blog…

    im great fan..

    Sebastian Troy

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