Socks, ties, scarves, gloves, tie-clips… there are so many accessories out there that can bring a unique element to your look. Sometimes we use accessories to just make things appear even more trim and uniform (a flat, plain silver tie-clip for example).  Other times we use them to send a funny signal about how we’re put together and business-like, but with a individuality complex that comes out through… I don’t know… fingerless gloves perhaps. Well, here are three gloves that can say very different things about you when worn with your businesswear (all of which have fingers, don’t worry). 

The Driving Glove


The Plain Glove


The Wool Glove (with function)


index finger peels back when needed


Basic and Brown


Standard Issue


All very different, all saying different things. Some statements, some.. well, just gloves. Up to you. 

PS. You’re welcome (for making you now have to think about what your gloves say about you as if you really wanted more decisions to make in life).

2 Responses to “gloves”
  1. J says:

    Have you ever thought of addressing the proper mode of transportaion for a true male? I’m sure it does not inclued an H3 or anything from “2 Fast 2 Furious”, but the media is telling me otherwise. Iterfere!!

  2. patleeman says:

    I saw a guy in a nicely trimmed grey suit on a ninja bike and i thought that looked really cool. He was wearing black gloves.

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