light dirty jeans, might just be alright…

As I sit here at my desk, sifting through headlines, looking at the new ridiculousness to come off the runway, and thinking about what to write… I come up with nothing. I think about these rules and guidelines I’ve created, and about the way I’ve applied them to myself. Then I think about how they confine me and where I can perhaps try something new. From here (after this mythical, trans-galaxial journey through the amazing depths of my mind’s manshion portal… overcoming a seemingly endless minute of writer’s block) I realized I only wear dark washed jeans.  The kind you  normally see with a shirt, tie, and blazer. The kind that add a refinement of their own to an outfit, and can make your “casual” seem a bit classier.

Today, though, I’m going to explore lighter, dirtier, rougher jeans, and if they can add a bit of character to a classy look.

My Inspiration:


How I would do this:

  • I think the loafers are a little over-the-top (I’m just not an o.t.t. kind of guy) and would do more justice with a less flashy outfit
  • Flashy? Yes, the jeans are the centerpiece of attention but with the shoes and the double-breasted blazer all on the same day… it’s just a lot to take in.
  • Simpler loafers
  • Perhaps keep the DB look but try for a modern, single button peak lapel style jacket
  • Pocket square.. depends what side of the bed I wake up on

I can see…

I see this up top, with dirty denim and the following loafers...

I see this up top, with dirty denim and the following loafers...


Hard to find exactly what I’m trying to go far here…

  • Jared Leto’s got the overall gist of it right, just without the flashy pinstripes
  • His denim’s fade works in blue (not black with the brown loafers or if you’re not wearing that black and white scarf thing), or the lighter, mangled jeans in the first picture work as well
  • Scarf is very much optional (opt for something that caters to brown and navy rather than black), but I definitely like the laid-back banker’s collar shirt
  • Un-tucked shirt works, but only if your shirt is trim and straight-cut, not tunic-like
  • Plus like my parents tell me… “if you didn’t have the pennies in your loafers-you weren’t shit”… so grab a penny, call a friend and find another, and invest in your footwear

Oh Yea, and check out Comme des Garcons for H&M today at your nearest H&M store. Should be some great limited edition, well-designed, nicely priced pieces there. However, if you’re in NY, forget about it at this point. I hear the store’s been pillaged, ransacked, somewhat engulfed in flames, and, of course, left for dead.

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