underwear and such

Yep. Part of growing up is having to buy your own underwear. Funny enough, despite being pretty big on shopping for clothes/shoes/anything that I think enhances my image, I find the most joy in buying sweet underwear. Simply put, its because underwear is no-fuss, no-hassle, everyday clothing that always serves it purpose correctly (or should). As an advocate of fit, frugality, and uniformity in my undergarments, I don’t like to mix and match random underwear purchases. I certainly don’t entertain the idea of underwear with cartoons or “humorous” illustrations. Perhaps that’s just a personal thing, but I don’t want a woman laughing or thinking “that’s cute” when she sees me in my undies. Mature, put-together, and ready-to-get-down-business… I think I’d prefer those sentiments instead. I didn’t know regular brands sold underwear online until just a week ago. Call it bias, sure, but I love Hanes tagless v-neck undershirts. Hence I’m about to buy about 20 mediums and call it a day year on the undershirt front.

For under or outer usage, its hard to beat 5 for $11

For under or outer usage, its hard to beat 5 for $11


I kept the boxer brief picture small, as you get the idea and don’t need 160,000 square pixels of man-crotch in your face. Yea, so I just get black or grey 2-packs of Merona boxer briefs for $10.

Luckily for us, that’s about all we need as far as underwear (unless, of course, you are into men’s lingerie).

Perhaps if you’re looking to get back to your roots this holiday season and will be celebrating with your parents rather than your own family, take it back to “the day” (the one they always reference as back in the day.. yea, that one particular day) with these guys:


Unfortunately, there’s no rear flap. So you will, in fact, have to get damn-near naked to perform certain bathroom activities. Good luck with that.

3 Responses to “underwear and such”
  1. MosquitoControl says:

    Merona boxer briefs always fall apart on me quickly. Actually, all Merona brand underwear does.

    I wear Calvin Klein almost exclusively. I tend to buy it when it’s on sale, like right now at fig leaves or almost always at cku. The micro modal stuff is great, particularly the shirts and the 10% waffle thermals, but the boxer briefs are comfortable. The 365 boxer briefs and trunks are very nice. I’m a big fan of the naked line as well, but it’s harder and harder to find.

    I don’t do the 365 undershirts, though. I did for a while, but they made my shoulders break out (or so I think.) So I stick with plain cotton CKU undershirts.

    For v-necks, if I’m wearing them without a shirt over, I’ll stick with Banana Republic’s slim fit ones.

  2. Brandon says:

    Just had to ask, I would love to find some underwear which has no brand name plastered all over the front. Nobody uses my crotch to advertise their name. And yet it is almost impossible to find any. any ideas?

    PS: I’m about to fly to NYC and need a tonne of new undershirts and have been waiting to go for ages just to get the hanes tagless ones as everyone seems to be yelling their thrifty praise.

  3. Zaihan says:


    Not sure if the Muji stores in the States sell their underwear, but I swear by them. Super understated, brandless & seriously comfortable. I regret not getting more when they first sold them in my country.

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