The proper way to finish off a suit when the temperature is low–a wool topcoat. In an earlier day there were only 2 coats you’d don upon your suit; a trench coat or a wool topcoat. These days, the streets run wild with performance outwear, snorkel parkas, and, dare I say it, windbreakers over suit jackets. It’s madness. Please leave the Columbia Sportswear for you hiking and mountain climbing escapades and not for the morning train ride with in your Brooks Brothers finest. A fine wool topcoat should hit at least midway down the thigh. Try it on first, but I would strongly recommend against the old “buy your coat one size up” adage, as most coats are made with dimensions that take into consideration the underlying layers (as any outerwear should).

Good Options:

Express $208

Express $208

Topman $160

Topman $160

Gap, Peacoat, with suit complimenting cut $158

Gap, Peacoat, with suit complimenting cut $158

Indochino $300, custom tailored

Indochino $300, custom tailored

2 Responses to “topcoats”
  1. anthony says:

    I have just bought a 3/4 car coat. Am I supposed to wear my suit jacket under this trench? Its just from going form indoors to car(vice versa). I”m not used to wearing my suit coat while driving, let alone this “car coat”. What do you think?

  2. 1KXSP04 says:


    Great site. I’ve had significant trouble finding a topcoat in the past considering my vertical challenges. Most of them make me look like a child playing in his dad’s closet.

    As winter approached this year and I was preparing for job interviews in cold cities, I realized I could not and would not travel to these interviews in just my suit jacket. Unacceptable. And so my search began. Luckily, my search did not last very long. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before, but the first store i entered was Zara and I found a nice selection of very well-fitting topcoats at affordable prices. I bought a great one, that conformed very well to my frame while still allowing sufficient room for a suit jacket underneath for about $250. Leave it to the Euros to make something for a small guy like me.

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