Specs: A Magnified Look



Okay, there are a ridiculous number of types of glasses our there. Some of which need to be mentioned and some that should never EVER be brought up in conversation…or even in thought. Let’s focus on the basics.


Classic: The classic pair of shades, commonly known as wayfarers, is usually somewhat almond-shaped with a slight teardrop effect, allowing the lower half of the lens to dip more than the upper half arcs. These glasses tend to be full-framed with a brown or black, plastic or steel composition. When going to work, an interview, or any other professional outing, these tend to be the frames of choice. The classic look allows a casual, but professional appearance to compliment a business suite, peacoat, or trench coat-equipped outfit. 



aviatros-exampleAviators: Aviator lenses exaggerate the teardrop effect from the classic look, adding an oversized dip to the lower lens. The aviator is ideal for a more contemporary look, be it casual or slightly more chic. Blazers, sportscoats, open-collared shirts, vintage apparel; all of these items would be well accented with a pair of Aviators.





Rimless: These frames, although unique, have been around for quite awhile. Rimless glasses consist of a pair of lenses being held together only by the nose bridge and the arms of the frame. This style proves to be more upscale and fashionable, usually worn with less subtle outfits and more attention-seeking apparel. A white blazer comes to mind when looking at these particular frames…maybe even some (tasteful) “bling.”


Teashades: I put these type of glasses under Beatle-wear. Most notably worn by John Lennon, theteashades teashades are usually small circular lenses connected by a thin metal frame. You can also see these worn on a regular basis by Ozzy Osbourne and by the Asian dude from the Matrix films. Although not frequently worn in today’s times, these frames can be worn to draw more attention to an already obscure outfit. Example: tasseled leather/suede jacket, ripped jeans and, (you guessed it,) some good-ol’ cowboy boots. You can also see many rockers reaching for their teashades to hide the obvious red gloss of the “stoned-eye.”





One Response to “Specs: A Magnified Look”
  1. christiansbale says:

    Jean Reno in Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional wore tea shades

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