Movie Outfits for Manshionites

For all of those movie buffs with some fashion sense, here are a few famous wardrobe pieces from some of the most stylish films made. And in case you want to bring your film fantasy to reality, I’ve included some sites that you can get replicas of the clothing you see. Feel free to comment and make additional suggestions to add. 


The Tyler Durden




This replica can be found at The douche wearing it can be found at















There are a number of these durden-knock-off red leather jackets. Of course, the original jacket from the movie was custom-made for Pitt, so there is now way to buy an original. But, sites like,, and ebay all offer a wide variety of similar looking jackets. How reasonable are the prices? well for a thin leather jacket (red or not), I wouldn’t think of spending over $250, but in this case, the classic durden look might be worth the $300-$400 that some sites are charging.


I Am Neville
















Old Navy Men's Classic Cargo—$18.55

Old Navy Men's Classic Cargo—$18.55


Coupled with a pair of dark brown cargo pants and a basic suede/nubuck/leather oxford shoe, this jacket will be the centerpiece of the Neville look. The jacket is manufactured by Belstaff and is called the “Trialmaster Legend 2007.” A pair of cheap dark brown cargo pants are going for $19 at Old Navy and any dark brown Oxford/Rockport-ish shoe will work.





Re-“Vamped” Pea Coat


Although this light grey military-style pea seems to be common , it is, apparently, very difficult to find. If you google “Edward Cullen Pea Coat” or “Twilight Coat,” you’ll see that this is a very popular item and finding an exact replica is very difficult. Here’s some options.

Sean John- $148

Sean John- $148

Sean John-$240

Sean John-$240


Guess $220


Kenneth Cole $358

Kenneth Cole $358

As you can see, Sean John produces some pretty nice versions, but none are exactly like Edward’s.



Here, gun-slinging Wesley Gibson sports a grey leather bomber. I found a pretty good match, except one flaw: a hooded bomber. But, as far as I’m concerned, I have no problem wearing a hoody to match my 9mm…or will I? $194 (147 Euros) $194 (147 Euros)


Although I can continue on FOREVER with the most infamous movies outfits, I’ll stop with the next post.

The Mickey


Brad Pitt plays an Irish, bare-knuckled boxer with an unusual “gypsy” lingo (no offense). He also puts together a pretty cool outfit complimented with a leather  hat now commonly referred to as “The Mickey”.


Actual Replica at $425

Note: Actual Replica at $425

Once the hat is acquired, any light colored tailored shirt matched with a darker, vintage tweed vest will set off the “Mickey” look. If you’re a real risk taker, wear a wife beater underneath an open buttoned shirt, throw an old hoody over your vest, and finish off with a slim leather (or fabric of choice) blazer. 




4 Responses to “Movie Outfits for Manshionites”
  1. jg3 says:

    A pair of Italian leather loafers turns up as a little plot line in Frost/Nixon. Not my style, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. mccullen says:

    topman does a pretty good “twilight coat” complete with epaulets.

  3. Mike Honcho says:

    Always found this one amusing:

  4. D says:

    Its a shame this entry didnt come out about a week and a half ago. Gilt Groupe had a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale and the grey peacoat was on sale for $235 down from $695.

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