perhaps for a holiday party…

Yea, so I’m really liking this Polyvore site. It really makes the whole throwing together clothes and making shopping lists things a million times easier and 10 times nicer looking for the viewer, so win-win… and win for them too. Holiday cocktail party attire, the gingham is a bit flashy/dress-downish which I thought would be a cool contrast to a satin collared blazer. Generic black (but not faded, super-dyed, shiny almost) jeans, black knit tie, crocodile embossed belt, croc watch band, grey leather lace-ups, and a tie bar round the whole thing out. If you are daring the black/brown thing, this would be an outfit thats prime for the challenge.

holiday party outfit by manshion

4 Responses to “perhaps for a holiday party…”
  1. D says:

    Kind of looks like a Jonas Brothers starter kit.

  2. manshion says:

    I literally just cracked up like an idiot at work when I read that. Yea just add a peter-pan haircut and the body of a prepubescent boy and you are “one of the bros.” I’m really searching for more to say defending this outfit.. and I’ve got nothing. All I see is dressy-hipster-rock kids. Because I do in fact plan on wearing something like this on New Years, I may post pictures of this in action. From there, hopefully, this will make sense and look good on a grown man.. or I won’t leave the house because I look like a Jonas Brother.

    Good call.

  3. D says:

    Im all for defining your own style but I tend lean towards preppy/classical styles and try to update them. I actually dont mind most of that ensamble but the jacket has to go. I hate the lapels. If you want ideas on how to dress I would take a look at what Tom Ford does. Recently he has been the architect behind most of what Brad Pitt wears these days. I think often times people tend to overthink combinations to try to set themselves apart. This is usually a bad idea. For me there is no substitute to perfectly fitting clothes. After you have things well tailored then maybe infuse some personal touches in the mix.

  4. manshion says:

    Well said. Definitely agree with you on Tom Ford. Unlike another “Thom” out there these days, Ford simply updates the classic style as opposed to reinventing it with something that may make for embarrassing old photos down the road. Something about posting for the public that makes the combinations I post on the site generally louder (like satin lapels) than something I’d wear myself. I appreciate the witty and constructive criticism.

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