Indochino Review #2

If you look to the right you can see that I’m already a little partial to Indochino‘s business wear. In my first review of a suit I purchased from the company, I was quite delighted and somewhat surprised with how well the suit fit my body– better than most suits I’ve taken to the tailor multiple times. This time around, however, I was floored. Because I was hasty the first go-round and measured myself up with a metal construction tape measure, I really had to do some guess work (my own fault) and Indochino’s talented tailors made up for my shoddy measurement with their skill. After being able to fine-tune my measurements profile with my first suit as a starting point, let’s just say Indochino got things pretty damn perfect for my second suit.

I didn’t have a black wool suit, so I figured I should invest in one, and 3-piece always scores high in my book. The construction quality is superior to department store suits… more like a Jos. A Bank quality (their Executive level $400+ suits, just with better cuts, of course) or Banana’s Monogram Collection (that tux they made this season was classic). Gratuitous fine material linings, hand stitched where it counts, high quality wools, and of course, tailor-made for your shape before you even put it on. Beautiful stuff. Say the sleeves are too long? Indochino comps your tailoring bill. Say the pants are off by a sizable margin (perhaps you measured yourself with the wrong tools like an impatient fool [me]), contact them and within 24 hours they’ll respond with instructions for getting them re-made. Need your suit fast, right? 7 days. Purchased the suit Monday, Dec. 22nd. Arrived at my door on the east coast (USA) on the 29th at 9:00am. Beautiful. That’s right, no matter where you are, you can expect your suit to arrive in about a weeks time, 2 weeks max. Enough talking, photos to follow. For the record, I know my shoes are untied (I’m standing in my living room for God’s sake), and yes, I meant to be stupid with the last picture.

Added some new pictures 5/1/10 as I happened to be wearing the suit one night and decided to snap a few shots.

27 Responses to “Indochino Review #2”
  1. Sid W says:

    I’ve been reading about Indochino for a while but never took the plunge. Those pics though have made me a fan. Maybe I give it a try for a wedding I have to go to in a month.

  2. JW says:

    Which Indochino suit is that?

  3. Dennis Cahlo says:

    Officially sold on INDOCHINO!

  4. Jarrett says:

    My closet is lacking a classic Navy suit. I noticed how essential these suits are in the new GQ where Jeffrey Wright is showing them off. I think I just found the place where I’ll be purchasing one. Now I just have to decide if I want the fashion styled one or the classic styled one.

  5. Patrick says:

    I agree with with Dennis, I am completely sold. This just goes to show how a well fitting suit can make you like a million bucks.

    By the way, the suit he’s showing off is the “The Formal Black Book” suit for $335.00.

  6. Jarrett says:

    Did you find the button holes to be too small for the buttons? I did a quick little search for customer reactions and this issue seemed to come up a couple times.

  7. WM says:

    I’ve just received my order from Indochino. I also ordered the Formal Black Book. The fit was superb and I like this suit better than the other grey suit I ordered a few months prior. Anyway, just an observation, the Formal Black Book is supposed to have peaked lapels.

    My suit did not have peak lapels. I contacted Indochino and they offered to remake my suit. I am debating if I should ask them to remake it or not. There’s nothing wrong with my suit except for the lapels, which are not peaked. Not a deal breaker.

    Based on the photos posted, I wonder if the author of this blog is aware that he didn’t get peaked lapels for his Formal Black Book suit either…

    • manshion says:

      I did notice there were no peak lapels and immediately contacted indochino. Similarly, it was not a deal breaker for me and instead of a remake I took them up on a discount on a future purchase. Customer service was swift and helpful as usual and I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with a retailor’s mistake before.

  8. Ren says:

    I just received my Indochino shirt and it is absolutely BRILLIANT! I was a bit sceptical about purchasing a suit online, so i opted for a shirt instead for starters. NOW i will definately purchase a suit in the near future. Possibly 3 piece black. “The Formal Black Book Suit” is ok but i think the vest’s v-neck drops too low and wide. *The Charcoal Three Piece Suit* in black = PERFECT!

    • manshion says:

      they allow you to make special requests before completing your order, i would run that by them.. recreating the charcoal vests shape in the black wool they use with the formal black book suit. i’m pretty sure they will go for it, they are very fast to respond as well, so you’ll probably have an answer within 24hours about it. glad you loved the shirt, it is definitely a great feeling putting on custom made clothing right out of the box and being really satisfied.

  9. Matt Park says:

    I just ordered a shirt and suit from them; I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I was hoping I could get some more info before it came. It would be really helpful if you used the auto timer on the camera to take the pictures instead of taking them in the mirror though.

  10. kyndmedia says:

    You have convinced me.

  11. LIAN says:

    I’m convinced also!

    I tried tailor4less a month ago and they are fantastic also! and prices are quite lower, suits 165€ and shirts 36€
    I totally recommend them!

  12. Vincent says:

    @Liam : do you receive you order?
    Indochino, they seem to be more “fashionable”.

  13. Matt says:

    what kind of watch is that in the last pic?

  14. dimension says:

    sorry, I just got my first indochino suite and it sucks! The measurements and the workmanship is dismal. The four cuff buttons on the suit don’t even lie flat and the threading is all gone. pls. do not publish something online when it is not true.
    I do not recommend. pls spend money carefully!

    • manshion says:

      I don’t just peddle the stuff blindly, I love my Indochino suits. They are the best quality suits I own–better than my Ralph Lauren and my Jos. A. Bank–and certainly fit a great deal better. I’ve been to their shop, I see how each suit gets inspected and remeasured for quality assurance. It’s really hard for me to believe that you had such a bad experience. Definitely utilize their customer service, they’d be glad to win you over with their support. $75 worth of alterations or a remake I’m sure would make a world of difference. Definitely reach out to them and voice your concern and follow up here with your results. I do assure you though that I’m not just mouthing off about them for no reason. I’ve bought, yes, with my hard-earned money, their products at full price and will continue to do so for as long as I can imagine.

  15. Lukvin says:

    I have been trying different online stores in order to find a good supplir of tailored clothes for my shop:
    – shirt and suit
    – suit
    – shirt and suit

    Indochino (price 2/5; quality 3/5; range of products 3/5) – NOT RECOMMENDED
    – The most expensive option of the 3 (suits around $349) and shirts ($99)
    – Shirt quality was good and fit was ok, not perfect, but ok
    – Suit… well let’s say it could have been much better… adn fabric quality was not great either

    Suitopia (price 3/5; quality 4/5; range of products 1/5) – RECOMMEND (for suits)
    – They have good suits for as low as $230
    – I could only order a suit because they did not offer shirts. The fit was nearly perfect and fabric quality was ok (they have also really expensive ones…)

    Tailor4Less (price 5/5; quality 4/5; range of products 4/5) – STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
    – They have the lowest price (only in euros – i converted it): suits $230, shirts $50
    – They have a huge selection of clothes and what I really like: FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!
    – Shirt: the fit was nearly perfect and quality was ok
    – Suit: the fit was pretty good (not perfect) and the fabrics were ok (similar to suitopia’s)

    I hope it helps you!

  16. Elio says:

    Thank you Lukvin, it helped.

  17. alan says:

    you might want to add to the list as well. I’ve tried their shirts and they are good although I can’t speak for their suits.

  18. hi guys, sorry for posting on this rather old review – if anyone finds this still because he is searching for indochino suit reviews, I have set up a blog with many links, reviews and tips regarding indochino at
    I hope you find it useful!

    • manshion says:

      No problem.. good idea compiling everything on your site. I think I’ll be doing a new review of their stuff in the next few months and will gladly link it to your page when it’s up. This continues to be my most popular post day after day, so hopefully this can send some more traffic your way as well. Cheers.

  19. George says:

    I recived the last week me suit of and it was okay! And to consider the price the delivery service was so fast, Just 13 days!

  20. russell says:

    reading through this whole blog, its obvious that everyone here is more than pleased with their suits. pardon me if i’m still just slightly skeptical. i have a real problem with finding a suit with the armholes cut higher for comfort and mobility. i currently own a new otr marc ekco slim fit, and an older emanuel ungaro 3 button. now taking for granted these are both OTR suits that just happen to fit me the way i like. i really want a bespoke suit and it appears to me that indochino is the way to go. i just need to be assured that the “armhole factor” is going to be what i want and need…comments please?

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