shrunken dress shirt cardigan?

Saw this on the Sartorialist about a month ago. The idea of wearing two collared shirts on top of one another is a bit ridiculous, but if you look below, you may agree it is quite well done by this first specimen.



Naturally, I figured I’d give the look a shot. Below are my embarrassingly myspace-style (mirror + crappy camera + awkward self portrait is the formula, I believe) pictures of my attempt. I see potential, but I am not leaving the house like this anytime soon. Yes, that red gingham shirt is getting a lot of play these days.. a coincidence, I promise. If you’d like one, I’m sure Banana is still trying to offload their stock of fall gingham shirts for about $20-25.



desert boots

desert boots

Yea, so back to the drawing board right? Your thoughts:

13 Responses to “shrunken dress shirt cardigan?”
  1. Dennis Cahlo says:

    I really think you are on to something there. I love the look. You should try it out one day/night and see what the reaction is. I think the key to it is that one shirt must be patterned and the other a solid. Maybe you can find a heavier material with a smaller collar for the top shirt.

    Excellent work!


  2. Greg says:

    I think tucking in the over-shirt doesn’t work, you need something with a suitable length to leave untucked. I also think you want the outer shirt to be of heavier material, or at least different than the inner shirt. In the first picture, that outer shirt looks like a softer/heavier cotton of some kind. The combined effect is really closer to a cardigan or unstructured jacket than the “I’m wearing two shirts” look you ended up with. (No offense – I applaud the effort of trying it out!)

  3. Dennis Cahlo says:

    P.S. – I got that same shirt last week on sale at BR! You are right, they are on sale and the fit is amazing.

  4. D says:

    I think the key is a contrast in material. In the original photo the outisde shirt seems like it could be made of flannel which would make more sense when being worn as a coat. You also notice that in the original pic it is being worn untucked which also gives the impression its being worn more as a jacket and less as a second shirt. If you look back through the Sartorialist there is a picture of a guy wearing a small kids flannel shirt as outerwear. I think if I remember correctly he referneces that picture when he posted the pic above.

  5. Ryan says:

    My only addition to the other comments might be that the over shirt probably needs to be a darker tone then the patterned undershirt. So as to draw the attention towards the lighter patterns, and your face, opposed to highlighting the shoulders, etc. I think the tucked in look with the belt is working though, even if it isn’t quite the same as the original example.

  6. hhneville says:

    I think it only works if you’ve got the patented British stiff upper lip. No, but, seriously, I think this could work, you’ve just got to find the right levels. Contrast seems to work best, either in color or material or both, as others have astutely pointed out. I might also want the under collar to be a might more subtle.

  7. Sid says:

    I agree with the contrast in material, pattern, and color. Otherwise it can come off with the same effect as the fratboys who wear two polos. This has definite potential though.

  8. Fabio says:

    This is a bad idea. I didn’t like it when I saw it on The Sartorialist and I still don’t. A cardigan is a cardigan, a dress shirt is a dress shirt. And a dead dress shirt is a cleaning rag or a thrift store donation, not a cardigan.

    It looks sloppy on the man featured on The Sartorialist primarily because of the way the dress shirt hangs down in front. But I’m not even sure that it would look better tucked. then it just looks like two shirts. And then you look like a real tool.

  9. Jack Dawkins says:

    I like the desert boots. What brand are they?

  10. i’d be a bigger fan of your concoction with a less bold pattern underneath and a darker thicker color on top…well played and sleuthed out though

  11. james says:

    big fan of this look. rock the heavier, slim chamois shirt over the top a lot. If you go red flannel on top you then have histroy on your side as NE loggers did this often, wearing 2 shirts when it got a little cold… best.

  12. james says:

    but dont tuck in the top layer…..

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