the oversized loose-knit sweater

Personally, not a fan. Never since boyhood have I been a fan of the “I’m swimming in my clothes” look. This is no different. I guess you could say the same about skinny jeans and really trim tops, that you’ll get older and not fit them even when/if they do come back into style in the usual 20-year cycle. However, if you stay fit (and the jeans are slim, not knee-hug skinny) you could be happenin’ 40 year old man. On the contrary, I see an even bigger problem with being 40+ in a oversized sweater, again creating the look of wearing your big brother’s hand-me-downs. I don’t know. The look is honestly growing on me when done in more balanced proportions. It’s the extremes that kill me.


not so bad, hits below the waistline in front (click for more views)

not so bad, hits below the waistline in front (click for more views)

Oversized and Awkward Looking (that’s what she said?):

i see a child in dad's sweater. swimming.

i see a child in dad's sweater. swimming.

women do this. they wear tights underneath and call it a "dress in disguise."

women do this. they wear tights underneath and call it a "dress in disguise."

8 Responses to “the oversized loose-knit sweater”
  1. slimkidchris says:

    As a tall, and lanky person like myself, I jump at the opportunity to wear over sized clothes. I have a over sized loose-knit sweater like the gentleman in that first picture, and I have to say it is one of my best fitting pieces.
    So I can only say to the fashion industry to keep on going with this look. On the exception of the sweater in the last picture, if it goes below the crotch area, you’re in dress territory.

  2. H.S. Sophmore says:

    Hey im currently in high school and was wondering what you thought of this choice of clothes since my school has uniform. tell me if u think its a bad outfit i just need an oppinion and any tips to improve would be helpful too. im a skinny kid and pretty much look exactly like pharrell williams without the money.ok heres the outfit
    oh and i wear fitted not baggy

    dark blue Levi jeans
    Gap knit sweater blue and gray with diaganol white stripes across the torso
    black and white jordans #1’s
    hanes plain white Tee undershirt
    Aeropostale White Polo
    Black and red north face bookbag Nunatak
    Silver Watch……Ok thats it Ill check this website tommorow hope i get an answer Peace!!! Ps. I like the blog! im learning alot (;

  3. Sid W says:

    Having the exact opposite build of slimkidchris i have to say that this look is not for me. Wearing over-sized knits runs the risk of me looking like a garden gnome.

  4. PS says:

    It’s nostalgic though. I remember when I WAS a kid wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs.

    Come to think of it, my jeans back then were even worse.

  5. i like the first look (balanced)….it’s awesome, perfect for lounging around the house, going to brunch after a liquor filled night, etc…going to class….whatever

  6. manshion says:

    HS Sophomore, email me at I’d be glad to help you out. If you get nothing else out of this, I’d say go with brown instead of black shoes… not basketball shoes, though, something clean and casual but not athletic. Also, the bookbag sounds expensive, so don’t ditch it, but you’d do yourself a world of good (and up your classiness levels) by going with a brown messenger bag instead. Leave the northface bookbag for hiking or sports.

  7. D says:

    Length and design aside I have never been comfortable wearing a cardigan with just a t-shirt underneath. I almost always wear a collared shirt with them. I that that is another reason why figure number works the best. Its a shawl collar as opposed to your traditional cardigan.

    As for H.S. sophmore, if your going for the Skate Board P look you might think of getting some Ice Creams, BapeSta’s, or Nike SB Dunks. Also check out Lupe Fiasco or The Cool Kids. They are somewhat Pharrel-esque. Personal I dont think you can go wrong with some Varvatos Chucks.

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