men in leggings

I can’t help but make a bitter beer face about this one. Please, cue the “You’re so close-minded” comments now. But you know what? I could not have any better reason to completely deny validity in such ridiculous commentary. We already wear skinny jeans. Some could probably be mistaken for their skin-tight non-denim half cousins, tights. However, they are not. The line must be drawn.

On the runways:


In Kanye’s Entourage (why?):


Stockholm Fashion Week:


“Meggings”: not okay.

Update 5/4/10: Not fully convinced, but you can argue for this:

17 Responses to “men in leggings”
  1. Sid W says:

    Wherever the line is, I know that dude in the leopard skin leggings in Kanye’s entourage has crossed it.

  2. Phil S. says:

    There’s no line here. Fashion is fashion. Men were wearing leggings long before they came out on this line. I think they are great, men should not be scared to show off their form.

  3. Someone a little more open-minded says:

    While I don’t necessarily condone meggings in all of their forms, I can’t help but note that the world would be extremely boring if everyone dressed the same, and it is eminently possible to be unique and stylish without wearing the Indochino/Banana Republic neutral suits and traditional dress shirts/shoes etc. that are constantly posted here.

    • manshion says:

      You’re absolutely right about the limited and traditional themes I follow, I appreciate your honesty and will definitely look to go outside the box a bit more. However, I really can’t stand behind this direction outside of the box. Just a little too far from my realm.

  4. Someone a little more open-minded says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean that bitchy if that’s how it came off. I know everyone has their own style, and yours is certainly closer to mine than slashed meggings. I think I just see red when I see “never statements” applied to fashion, as someone, somewhere, will eventually find a way to make even the most ridiculous trends or looks work.

    Unfortunately for Gareth Pugh, today is not that day. ‘Pugh’ sounds just about right.

  5. Ben says:

    Where is this picture from? It was mocked on Hipster Runoff as well.

  6. Silvyu says:

    if that’s the way the fashion is going to…we’re all doomed
    …you can be original without wearing women clothes… im some excentric designer fashion line ok but on the streets ?

  7. Joseph says:

    For once, I can’t disagree with you. Having said that, I can’t believe that you’re more concerned with the tights then with the bird-like, feather top!

    Personally, I have no desire to look like Big Bird, but I’ll give the designer a little credit for changing the color from yellow to grey.

  8. gavin says:

    Why.Cos you are so conditioned about what is right or wrong for what men and woman can or canot wear.I bought a pair of mens running Kappa trousers and many woman told me i look great in them and also that i can wear them also casualy.Why not,woman are allowed to be and feel sexy, why can’t i.When woman wear leggings it shows the female form of a human.Their bottom and there crotch shape.When men wear them it shows the male form of a human.Their bottom and there bulging crotch shape,naturally.What is the problem.Is it double standards.If so for goodness sake women stop being sexy and give us guys a break.Woman,cover up.

  9. RSM says:

    As someone who sells leggings to men and women around the globe at UnJeansDotCom – I know people are wearing and enjoying them.
    Leggings are perfect casual wear for women AND men. Having worn leggings for years, I’m aware of people’s comments both negative and very positive. After all, it’s not the leggings on the man but the man in the leggings. Everyone looks good in leggings and some people look great! If more people, women and men, wear leggings then it will just be another apparel choice. At one time denim jeans were worn only by miners digging for gold. Now they are everywhere and nobody asks whether you’ve struck gold.
    So never say never – when you do decide to wear leggings, choose a well made pair – not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape. Give leggings a chance, wear them and enjoy!

  10. Skip says:

    What I’m tired of is women pushing men into penguin suits with comments like “George, I think the heigth of fashion would be if you changed the color of your pocket patch”. Or stopped giving men wardrobe choices like “brown pinstripes on black suits” or “gray pinstripes on blue suits” or “black pinstripes on dark blue suits” etc etc etc…ad infinitum ad nauseum. OR “Men BELONG in Pants”..Sure, give them all Pancreatic Cancer. Make the big choice in every man’s day be “which side do I stick my family jewels in?” Instead of “My goodness, an open kilt or skirt sure is easier on my plumbing than ANY pair of trousers could EVER be”.

  11. Ron Trigo says:

    I love wearing leggings and i’m not gay or a crossdresser.

    Women can, but men cannot?!

    The people that saw ‘ewww’, ‘no’, or ‘gross’ to men in leggings are really saying that women are inferior, not equal and despicable for a man to lower his worth by dressing in feminine clothes.

  12. Adam says:

    This topic greatly interests me. There is a really simple solution to all this negative commentary. Simply ignore what others think and wear what you want. I know because I’m getting better at it everyday; and leggings are becoming more and more my choice of normal apparel. The bottom line is that men are very very very limited in what he can wear. Men are getting sick and tired of it and want to finally express themselves just as much. It’s only a matter of time when the world turns androgynous and everyone can stop bitching about all the fashion trends and how they should or shouldn’t be worn. Grow some balls and wear the tights; and ladies; open your minds and let it go already. Men will still be able to be masculine even if he does choose to wear a skirt or leggings. Fabric is fabric. It has no gender. It’s main purpose is to be worn and enjoyed for visual stimulation by the person wearing it and those who view the person. If the person you are viewing does not look good in a skirt; just turn your head and go find a man you do find attractive in tights or whatever appeals to you. Enough said.

  13. IamGlamHomme says:

    Most, not all, of you people posting comments on here are what we in the fashion industry call…well, stupid. If something is not right for you don’t wear it. It’s that simple. First and foremost, you have to have the right body to wear leggings, which I’m sure, most of you do not. Second, the people that wear them possess a confidence you can only dream to have. When you dare to comment on style remember this, “first, learn all the rules of fashion, then…break them!”

  14. Rik says:

    TO everyone,

    I have been wearing running and cycling tights / leggings for the past year. I have also had been wearing tights and leggings for cycling and gym use. I own several pairs of TIGHTS and leggings. Yes TIGHTS not running tights (But I own them too) or cycling tights ( own these too), but footed nylon and cotton tights and footless tights. I own tan, nude, purple, black, navy, white. I also have various acrylic / cotton tights / leggings. They are warm to wear and I wear out occasionally with long shirt or jacket. It has gotten to 50-60 in Cali with the rainy weather that jeans and sweats are not warm and need some aide. Footless cotton tights or leggings under shorts are acceptable as people think they are socks if they even bother to look. To each his own!

  15. tobeinstyle says:

    Totally agreeable. I think that both sexes have the right to choose whether or not they’d want to wear something or nothing at all. Leggings are just a piece of clothing like a t shirt or pants so both sexes have a choice to wear them or not! Thanks for everyone’s opinions though! As long as you feel good wearing it that all that matters!

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