personal day

What’s the next best thing to taking a personal day, winning the lottery (miraculously receiving your winnings same-day through magical, instantaneously-approved, million-dollar-plus money transfer), and spending the day buying your dreams? Why, skipping the personal day, saving it for later, and spending the day nursing a hangover at your desk (you’ve planned for this, though, and thoughtfully finished all pending tasks yesterday.. or you’ve opted to procrastinate accordingly).  It’s the work equivalent of laundry day/’sick and still have to run errands’ attire. The lazy sunday of suiting. The “I was involved in the sequel to Speed on the way to work this morning” look.  Most people can’t get away with looking like this at work. That’s okay. Instead you can actually wear this on a day when you call in sick and spend the off-time wandering about the park/buying designer cupcakes/eating exorbitant amount of heart-clogging foods… all the while looking like a gentleman and oggling the women who also, apparently, don’t have jobs. Basically, you’re a bit sloppy, hopefully tastefully so, on purpose. Messy, with a message.


  • Cotton, wool knit, or air-tie works
  • Tastefully wrinkled or hand-washed shirt
  • “Seasoned” oxfords (the kind I wear with jeans, months overdue on polish), boat shoes
  • No belt… braided belt may work, though, just watch out for oversized buckles
  • Unbutton the shirt cuffs
  • If its warm enough–sockless
  • Strategic 1-2day facial growth seals the deal
  • If you’re blessed with obedient hair, and can pull off a non-disgusting bed-head look… well then by all means. “When in Rome..” (yes? please, go on..)

cotton tie, shirt hand washed, no collar-stays

cotton tie, shirt hand washed, no collar-stays

the rough oxfords, non-polished, usually worn with jeans

the rough oxfords, non-polished, usually worn with jeans

you could always sub the chunky knit cardigan in for the jacket..

you could always sub the chunky knit cardigan in for the jacket..

6 Responses to “personal day”
  1. Garrett says:

    Loving the cardigan look. Well done sir.

  2. H.S. Sophmore says:

    this is what you call casual??? LOL i was expecting basketball shorts, a T-shirt, and dirty socks

  3. dcave says:

    Casual for more is much more casual.

  4. Siiiick says:

    There is nothing casual about this, and why do you think you couldn’t wear this to most offices?

    Also…going sockless is disgusting unless you are wearing sandals, and never fashionable…just unhygenic.

  5. canheah says:

    You really need a higher resolution camera…

  6. Ren says:

    Probably off topic…but I’m currently in the Philippines and planning on getting a tailored suit. I’m thinking 3 Piece Black = Total Perfection 🙂 European Cut of coarse. single-breast, 2 vents, sleeves an inch higher above the wrists….what you think? any suggestions?
    P.S. anyone know any good tailors here in the Phils.? 🙂

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