free custom dress shirt? yes, please.


I was first put on to when a friend of mine told me he was doing web development for a custom dress shirt website. Naturally, I was excited and asked that he keep me in the loop on the project’s progression. Well, the end result has finally come to fruition and I see nothing but great things for the menswear industry. Not too many places you can get a custom made dress shirt for under $60… that you’d actually want to wear. Trust me, I’ve done my homework on the matter for the past few years. The only people offering similar services at these prices are, for one, not giving you nearly as much customization freedom and, secondly, seem to think men that buy custom dress shirts like outdated styles and cuts (which is funny, as men buying custom tailored shirts are clearly more fashion concious than the average joe… not saying they naturally have the best taste… but they at least have a clue).

So, today, check out the site, , enter your measurements order up a shirt, and follow the instructions for your free second shirt. For about $60… TWO custom shirts? Come on now. If the current economic climate has anything to do with this deal, I’d like to personally thank the guys who ruined my 401k, as deals like this are significantly lowering my fashion overhead.

8 Responses to “free custom dress shirt? yes, please.”
  1. Navid says:

    Thanks 🙂 That’s a great website

  2. dave says:

    Nice. I wish they had more fabric choices. I already have all the colors they offer except for that ugly “Urban Safari”

  3. Jim says:

    I always wanted a black shirt with pink pocket.

  4. MosquitoControl says:

    This site does not seem to load in Firefox.

    When I use google to go straight to the design page it actually crashes firefox.

  5. Mike Honcho says:

    I’m using Firefox as well… works fine for me.

    Thanks for the link. Keep up the great work!

  6. Andrew says:

    Cool! Thanks for the link.

  7. brendan says:

    Does this link work still? it wont load for me?

  8. D says:

    A fair word of warning to people interested in I wish I had read one before I ordered.

    I was very excited to find an alternative to ordering bespoke shirts from my tailor. Not that he doesn’t deserve the mark-up – it’s just that as a post-doc I can’t really afford his spectacular service. So imagine the euphoria, when I thought I could get shirts matching in quality, for a quarter of the price, straight from the Internet.

    I meticulously measured the required lengths with the help of my wife. I could’ve done something wrong, but it really was in the right ballpark – at least compared to the received outcome. The shirt arrived in just 6 business days – despite me skipping the more expensive 9 day-delivery and opting for the free 15-day one. That is where the positive surprises ended.
    Firstly, the fabric. I ordered the basic white option, described as ‘medium thick’ cotton. I kid you not – I own towels and rugs more suited for use in a formal dress shirt! The coarseness, the thickness, hardness of the fabric – tt would be unimaginable to wear the shirt on a hot, sunny day. I do not know, what they did to the collar – it is thicker than the lapels of my suits. The overall finish quality is appalling – stitching is a bit sloppy and over the place – lines aren’t straight, there are a couple of loose threads hanging here and there.
    Even if one could live with the fabric, or assuming the other fabrics are better, I found lots of disappointing details.
    Starting from the top: collar stays. I ordered the removable ones – the opening for them is non-standard (at least mine do not fit), and none were shipped with the shirt.
    Amount of buttons. 6? 6?!! My dress shirts have 8-9 buttons on the placket. I can just imagine the charm of my chest hair sticking out of the shirt.
    This relates closely to the length of the shirt and form of the bottom cut. The shirt is 4cm too short, despite the measurement being made according to the instructions, following a perfect exemplary bespoke shirt. The variance of the lengths of the side and front of the ‘tail’ cut is almost twice as big, as I’ve used to. Result: On the sides, the lower seam of the shirt isn’t covered by my suit trousers!

    The same applies to the length of the sleeve and the cuffs. I don’t need to unbutton the cuffs to put the shirt on. And when it is on, the cuffs are 10 cm above my knuckles. Despite best efforts to make the measurements right, once again.

    And finally, even if I could live with all this, the fit of the shirt is awful. The tailor obviously had problems with understanding the ‘slim fit’ option. Despite being a tall guy with big bones, I sure as heck want to show off my athletic build, in which my previous bespoke shirts have definitely helped – try finding a slim fit dress shirt with a 112cm chest and 87cm gut! The result of attempting those measurements: the whole shirt looks funny and a bit skewed. And it isn’t even close to my definition of slim fit – it hangs loose.

    I deeply regret spending 59$ on this shirt. Perhaps this was just an unfortunate accident, and all other customers are satisfied – I will be more than glad to see this business and the business model evolve into something usable.

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