mickey rourke

Mickey Rourke’s “I just rolled out of bed and put on wrinkly designer clothes that are strewn about the floor of my room.. Oh and I’ll top it off with a chainwallet” look has certainly been hard to ignore in the past few months. You know its going to be bad and pretty much unacceptable attire for a 50 year-old man, but much like a trainwreck you just want to see just how bad, bad can be and here and there the results are actually quite good (this is where the trainwreck metaphor falls flat).

Some looks from last year and the recent Oscar season:

Some are horrible (a certain blue-themed, trucker hat ensemble comes to mind) and some are refreshingly creative and kind of nice (first image).

My Favorite Rourke Moment?

so outlandish, yet marvelous at the same time

so outlandish, yet marvelous at the same time


It’s like he’s a whimsical old Frenchman who just happens to be an ex-boxer with a haunted past (full of drug abuse, divorce, and anger management problems).

Yea, this is what Rourke wore to his pre-Oscar interview with Barbara Walters. Great interview by the way.

My favorite quote:

[regarding his nomination]

“you can’t eat it, you can’t fuck it, and it won’t get you into heaven.”

(mind you he said this to a 70+ year old woman while maintaining an Al-Bundy-esque hand in the pants)

Last, but not least. The acceptance speech of a lifetime.

Mickey Rourke– a gentleman, and a scholar.

5 Responses to “mickey rourke”
  1. LaRok says:

    This man dares to live. Seems as if he has no care or worry about others’ perceptions of him. If we could all be so lucky to be so bold, this would be a world full of bright plaid pants with tie-dyed, oversized collars and propped lapels. And who better to put this borderline psychotic style together? A man who plays a professional wrestler…Macho Man watch out!

    Nice work, Editor. Nice work indeed.

  2. Sid Watal says:

    The strange lopsided facial expression notwithstanding, the first look (http://manshion.net/2009/02/23/mickey-rourke/mickey_rourke_2304625/) is actually kind of cool. Lose the chain though Mickey.

  3. manshion says:

    yea the whole outfit is kind of too much, but the chain is just played out and too much in a bad way. micropattern pants are rockin my world, great frames, pocket square works.. its wild, but it fits him well.

  4. best acceptance speech ever.

  5. Siiiick says:

    I like him. He dares to be different, and quite frankly, it’s boring to see a sea of men wearing the exact same tux at these things while the women all go hog-wild. (I was not a fan of his Oscar night look, though. White blazers will never, ever be acceptable on men. Ever. Unless you are a waiter or are going to the prom in 1955.)

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