Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Soundgarden back in the day (late 80’s to 1996). He then put out a solo album (one of my favorite records of all time) entitled “Carry On” in 1999. Between then and now he was the frontman for Audioslave and produced another solo album (Euphoria Morning). As a pioneer of the grunge movement, it’s hard to say he was a fashion icon in the early days. Even after playing the face of John Varvatos spring 2006 campaign, I still wouldn’t call Cornell a fashion icon. No, Chris Cornell is just a regular guy. That’s famous. And makes great music. And has been called one the best singers in rock history. And knows how to dress even without ever looking like he’s trying (because he probably isn’t… plus a closet full of John Varvatos couldn’t ever hurt your chances of looking good). It’s very rare that someone can inspire me to seek out a leather blazer, so additional congratulations are in order for that too.


  • The scarf instead of tie rocks, plus extra points for a great fitting suit
  • Leather blazer/wax-cotton trench plus t-shirt, definitely a go
  • Sweet boots
  • In the following video, peep the super-size cardigan. Not for me, personally, but when you’re a rock legend, you can do these things

New album in stores next Tuesday (produced by Timbaland.. yea, banana sandwich crazy mash-up combo there).. can’t wait.

3 Responses to “Chris Cornell”
  1. Huh? says:


  2. Doctor Whom says:

    I wouldn’t say there was anything specially special about Cornell’s attire (or his music). Far more worthy of sartorial praise is Mark Ronson. There’s a fellow who dresses like he respects his image, his music, and his audience.

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