It is the perfect time of year for creativity – well every time of year is perfect, but bear with me.  The weather is varying between the 40s and the 60s on the east coast and even warmer in other areas of the nation.  This type of climate change can throw the average man for a loop.  When you leave the house for work, or go out for drinks, you always have to figure out just how cold it really will be by the time you leave to come back home.  Today, we have a way around the volatility in the temperature – “Build-A-Jacket.”

The concept for building a jacket is layering.  Layering, as many of you already know, is a well-known theme for the spring time.  The spring, i.e. the season with cool nights, light to medium breezes, more than occasional rain, and fluctuating temperatures.  The best way to choose your new “jacket” is to look at the Hi’s and Lo’s of the weather for the day.  Let me give you an example:

One day the trusty ole’ iPhone says it will be a 45Lo and Hi of 59, with 40% chance of precipitation.  I’ve already transferred my mind into summer mode so what do I do?  I grab a v-neck t-shirt, throw a thin merino v-neck sweater on top, then grab a thin “rain-jacket-esque” jacket on top.  Now I’ve accomplished a couple things.

1) Versatility – if it gets to warm, I can discard the jacket and sweater or push up the sleeves. I’m prepared for the whole range of temperatures.

2) I’ve avoided my heavy pea coat, which is always a burden to carry; in fact, it makes me hot even to carry it.

3) I’ve taking advantage of a more sleek look.  Some times, our winter gear errs on the side of bulky, cumbersome, and not as aerodynamic as we would like – with the close-to-body, thin material rain jacket, we get closer to our style of choice.

Now get out there a “Build-A-Jacket,” if you are feeling it, throw a  hooded henley under and skip the umbrella…the choices are almost infinite!

Some layer-able pieces:



relax. it's unisex. (aa).

relax. it's unisex. (aa).


2 Responses to “Build-A-Jacket”
  1. Pat says:

    Nice hoodie

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