office survival kit

A list of everything you need to appear (relatively) flawless at work. (Note: I know the shirt thing is straight out of Mad Men, but can you blame me?)

1.) Wrinkle-free white dress shirt.

Uniqlo $40 (not sold online)

Uniqlo $40 (not sold online)

Uniqlo makes relatively slim fit, $40, wrinkle-free dress shirts. Definitely great for travel, layering, or, as in this case, the backup shirt folded and bagged/boxed up in your bottom desk drawer.

2.) Backup Necktie

yea, i posted this twice.. but i have 2, so it's okay.

yea, i posted this twice.. but i have 2, so it's okay.

Same principle here, get something simple and color-friendly with the majority of your suits. A flat navy silk tie or maybe a charcoal wool/cotton tie, should fit the bill.

3.) Umbrella

because you'll be expected to share

because you'll be expected to share

Keep an extra one. Your office wear will not hold up well in the rain.

4.) Headphones


Leave the stock ones at work for the unfortunate days when you forget your good pair and you know you’ve got a bunch of tedious work or a late night ahead of you.

5.) Phone charger

Self explanatory, but definitely a lifesaver. These days it’s usually just a usb cord or an ipod cable which can be pretty easily scrounged up in case you need a backup plan.

6.) Dop Kit

This is up to you. If you live a messy lifestyle and frequently show up looking/smelling like last night, you may need to make this investment. At the same time, you’ll have enough man-cred to pull off having such a kit in your desk, whereas the already well put-together man that happens to have a bunch of men’s health/beauty products in his desk will probably gain a questionable eye or two. Your call.

4 Responses to “office survival kit”
  1. Srsly? says:

    So…buy everything in white, black and navy so it will all go together? Thanks for the ‘advice.’ How boring.

    • manshion says:

      but the only clothing in this post is a shirt and tie you’d leave at work in case of some ridiculous circumstances.. why would you not stay within the most basic range of colors if the goal here is to have some basics that can substitute into 90% of all business wear? You could jazz it up a bit, sure, but I wouldn’t recommend a bold pinstriped shirt and and patterned tie as a backup. If you end up needing them on a day when you’re wearing a pinstripe or plaid suit, you’re going to have a huge margin for error.

  2. I’m also a huge fan of the Ben Sherman messenger bag (see, I didn’t even call it a man purse!)

    Because you have to have a bag to put all your schwag.

    The black will tie it in when you’re monochromatic, the beige will tie it in when you’re wearing earthier neutral colors.

    I’m looking for more slim-fit shirts for my husband. I know Express for men has got them, but after that South Park metrosexual episode, I know many are a little wary of that particular store. Any suggestions?

  3. D says:

    I guess you cant go wrong with the white shirt however if you look at the back of my office door you will find a light blue shirt. I actually keep a navy blazer and various ties hanging on the back of my door.

    In regard to the post about slim shirts take your pick:
    Band of Outsiders
    Thom Browne
    Paul Smith (PS and mainline)
    Duncan Quinn
    agnes b ‘corps d’etroit’ line
    Barba (a personal favorite)
    Ralph Lauren Black Label
    Etro (slim on me but have wild patterns)

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