upstandingly obnoxious

Sometimes you just want to have an extra flair. An extra, “hey, look at me motherfuckers” about you. In a world where plastic shutter glasses and matching tie, pocket square and suspenders sets (in purple paisly print of course) actually exist outside of costume shops, one can easily fall into a bottomless pit of tasteless flamboyancy.  So today, I give you a few items that will give you that head-turning factor without that initial head-turning morphing into a head-shaking look of disgust, confusion and, ultimately, contempt.

The loud, multi-stripe dress shirt:

attention winning

attention winning

hostile attention takeover via guerilla tactics

hostile attention takeover via guerrilla tactics

Gaudy Belt Buckle:

wear with chinos/khakis and loafers on friday

wear with chinos/khakis and loafers on friday



Tie/Pocket Square Combo:

light green ginham square

light green ginham square

navy with pink pindots

navy with pink pin dots

Paired with a cotton suit, this a colorful and attention grabbing combo that’s the right amount of flashy.. but grounded in classy (who didn’t see that rhyme coming?).


So, to make this really short, I could just say, don’t buy flashy things from Express. That’s the bad kind of flashy. Not knocking the whole store, I have 2 plain skinny ties, a pair of jeans, and probably another basic or 2 from there that I keep in the regular rotation. I almost bought a plain cotton suit from there just a week ago, and they had a great tux for sale this past holiday season.  However, when a place like Brooks Brothers has some real eye-catching items, you can rest-assured they’re grounded in some traditional scope that makes them just uncommon and not unsightly.  A “trendy” kind of outlet, though, will usually help you in the opposite way as their take on traditional pieces can often achieve a nice, uncommon and classic balance worthy of adding to the repertoire.

7 Responses to “upstandingly obnoxious”
  1. Interesting anchor belt. I wonder how it buckles?

  2. D says:

    I have to agree with your assessments here. I think it’s comical that guys not only buy those flamboyant belts and shirts but they also think they have style. That look to me is the modern day interruption of Night at the Roxbury. Also, if you see a belt or shit like this you can be assured that on their feet will be some sort of black slip on with a chunky rubber sole and a squared toe. And to me that is probably the most hideous part of any ensemble.

  3. Was a fan says:

    OLD! (removes from bookmarks)

  4. Head says:

    LMAO @ attention whorish belt. Too many a time i see wanna be trendsetters wear that sad excuse of a fake belt bought on ebay for $10 with D&G or E.A on it. Disgusting.

  5. thomas says:

    lol ive been tellin my friends for years simple does the trick. basic is like the new freshness and attention to detail turns heads…keep up the blog man i love it. i luv how blunt u are about the DOs and DONTs of gettin dressed. but its so funny because cause they are SOOOOO true. welcome back, ill be a frequent visitor.

  6. 4hautespot says:

    I have to agree with everyone above. Gaudy, unnecessarily loud, and attention seeking is unattractive.

    There is nothing more refreshing than seeing someone wear a quality piece that doesn’t have a brand slapped all over it. It makes it that much more impressive when you actually notice what brand it is.

    Also really cool anchor belt. Nice subtle touch.

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