casual friday this summer

There are vary degrees of causalty (yep, still talking about fashion.. no that is not a word in this sense) that are acceptable in different office environments. We all know this. Currently, the “just don’t have to wear a tie” version is in effect here at my new office. With that being said, my version of casual Friday goes something like.. oh.. this:

woman included

woman included

It’s the summer, it’s hot– light suit. Grey, khaki, etc.

No tie, but I like my french cuffs. Secured when I enter the office, set free as I exit.. or during a long, Friday lunch. Much like the top buttons. One undone going in 2 undone going out.. more if I go straight from work to my evening activities. [Don’t go full-Salsa-dancer, though.. 4 buttons and you’re going to start offending people.. also you will have a shameful picture trail to live down the next day.. (thanks facebook)]. Undershirt or not? That’s a big decision every morning in the summer. Get to know your antiperspirant and your body well, then make the judgment call. True story, I have a friend who tapes paper towels in his pits because he sweats too much. Sad, though, it doesn’t save his shirts from back-sweat.. I just don’t have the heart to tell him.

Loafers, not lace-ups. I’m a big fan of no-socks. If you do sock up.. mix it up, match your shirt or something. Make sure those are lightweight in construction as well.

No belt, unless necessary.

Top it off with a pocket square. I mean, you’re already not wearing a tie, why not show a little formality.

Shades of choice. When not in use–you’re a cool guy–stuff them in the front pocket with your handkercheif… live a little.

ps. google image search ‘brad pitt cannes’ and take a few notes. not to give him the credit, but his stylist and tom ford, definitely. of course, the inherent cool will always shine through, but $10k+ suits and a sartorial servant help.

5 Responses to “casual friday this summer”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Brad, and most of the other celebrities who adopt the style above, look unbelievably good doing it. What’s the shirt/undershirt situation? None of my white shirts look okay without an undershirt, but I feel that wearing one ruins the effect. Is there a certain kind of shirt I should be buying to pull this off?

  2. Dennis Cahlo says:

    Good to see you posting again, my man.

    Brad Pitt scores HUGE on the Cannes tip. Good call on the grey suit pictured above.

    What’s up with you starting your own line? You know I need first dibs on a product review once it’s ready!

    All the best,
    Dennis Cahlo

  3. ZeroPower says:

    Pitt. A baller as usual. Good guy to watch for fashion tips!

  4. charles says:

    holy cow–err wolf! that shyte is hilarious

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