shorts and John Bartlett

It’s summer, time to wear shorts and drink beer outside. Shorts should be above the knee. SLIGHTLY. No need to go 70’s sprinter on us (think Michael Cera in Juno).

run of the mill, yes

run of the mill, yes

Apparently, you can do cargo shorts again this summer without looking like a child or looking like a fratboy.. or looking like everyone/anyone who doesn’t give a shit about shorts because they only wear them for 3 months of the year (understandable mentality, but horrible results). I caution you, though, acceptable, fashionable cargo shorts will probably run you more than you want to pay for half-pants, because only the upper-enders are offering anything in a stylish cut. Just putting that out there, no pictures because I won’t be partaking. Sorry.

This John Bartlett for Claiborne stuff looks nice:

bartlett claibornebartlett claiborne2

A friend of mine who works on the corporate side of Claiboirne got to see a preview and said the cuts are definitely a lot better than your typical Claiborne randoms you find in Macy’s. However, the sizing may still run big, so I’d get a personal look at it before I buy anything. Check out the pop-up shop in NY.

6 Responses to “shorts and John Bartlett”
  1. Alex Baldwin says:

    Fratboys don’t wear cargo shorts, I believe the people your talking about are the “dude-bros”. Keep it real.

  2. jg3 says:

    Finding non-cargo, non-plaid, non-gym shorts to wear and maintain some self respect has proven tricky. Tiger Woods’ golf stuff has been worthy of a look.

  3. ZeroPower says:

    Dont forget PLAID shorts which are in this year. A&F has a few nice pairs.

    Keep up the posts!

  4. Daniel says:

    Tiger Woods? Wouldn’t that be all slouchy and oversized and worn with a shapeless polo?

    But isn’t “nice” and A&F an oxymoron? The quality is dubious, and besides, anything you buy there will be permeated with the cologne they spritz and you can smell from down the block, even outside.

    I love the knee-grazing look and recently took a half-dozen pair of longer shorts (I call ’em “longs” since they’re not really that short) to be slimmed down and re-hemmed. I had my tailor just baste the hem as who knows what next summer will bring.

  5. Daniel says:

    And I didn’t know Bartlett resurfaced at Claiborne! Interesting.

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