knickers.. a possibility indeed

If someone were to tell me yesterday that I would be looking to purchase a pair of knickers in the near future, I would have told them “get out.” If Thom Browne were into cycling, this would probably be the result:


I currently ride a 10 speed and still dabble in bmx from time to time, so naturally these peak my interest. With fixed gear bikes being all the rage these days, I’ve tried to keep from riding the trend wave (for fear of looking like a, gasp, ‘poser’).  However, I used to work in bike repair/assembly (high school job) and have been acquiring some parts lately to build my own fixie. I refuse to wear my bike riding on my sleeve, though, so until sight of these knickers I have been adamant about not looking overly hip and dressed to the hipster 9’s just to ride to the store.  One things for sure, though–these are not men’s capris (manpris), and really do appear worthy of respect. If I end up buying a pair, I’ll do a feature on them.

4 Responses to “knickers.. a possibility indeed”
  1. Christina says:

    If this were my blog the featured photo would have been this one:

    I like the knickers – they’re attractive. Back in 2002 my ex returned from Japan with what he called “half pants”. Which reminds me of “halflings”. They had drawstrings on the bottom and were not something I’d advise any man outside of Japan to wear. But yeah, I like these ones. It’s like punk grown up.

    • Danny Wong says:

      agreed. string on the bottoms of men’s pants would be a fashion no-no. the way these pants finish are great. I think cuffs would look nice as well although the plain bottom definitely would be my pick.

  2. JB says:

    oh, wow. Those are stunning.

  3. Danny Wong says:

    I definitely think this is a great look. The pants go perfect with boat shoes! Sperry Top-Siders would be amazing with these.

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