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As you may have noticed, I’m all over twitter like white on rice. Like ice on cream. Like cheese on chili on a chili dog with cheese. Like a thing placed upon another, letting gravity have full reign. You get the picture. I post links to items and articles that I find interesting and/or worthy of buying. Follow me at twitter/manshion if you like. You’ll note that I’m following some celebrities. Needless to say, it’s only because they’re my dear friends with whom I share personal relationships.

What you may have also noticed is the rearranging of the sidebar to the right. At the top is a feed of my twitter posts. Next, perhaps more interestingly, is a twitpic feed of my other twitter account, “manshionwears.” In this section you’ll have a link to what I’m wearing, updated several times a week. Perhaps you’re trying to put together an outfit in the  morning or you have a date one night and you just can’t seem to figure something out, now you can check out this feed or head to twitpic/manshionwears and find a gallery of practical, everyday, working-class guy attainable outfits for inspiration or to straight up copy. You can comment there if you like, but please, no style-forum comments (if you’ve ever ventured into these dark corners you know what I mean). I don’t need some catty man-whining about my tie not “doing it for you.”

More to come later today.


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