stocking up on shades

Urban has a plethora of $10 sunglasses. Buy 2-3 pairs. Be ready for vacation, Indian summer, next summer, etc. Just be ready.

these are $45 though..

these are $45 though..

and again, you’re lucky I like you…

I must for giving you this link.

These shades are also $10:



Also while we’re hitting the summer close-outs, this is the only polo I have bought or worn this year. I think simple is the best way to go. I’m not into the big logo’s, so a small pony is cool, Fred Perry is nice, Penguin, etc. I really have been on the “no label” trip for a while, though. Hence, this guy is right up my alley. Small slit pocket sets it apart from the pack without a diorama featuring a family of horses and jockeys strewn across your chest (yes, Ralph Lauren, if you’re listening, the big pony line has gone way too far with some of these multiple character versions).


2 Responses to “stocking up on shades”
  1. Johnny Lux says:

    This may be the single greatest post of all time. I lose sunglasses like they’re goin out of style. Constantly checking out the racks at gas stations etc… to keep up with it.

  2. acuteconsulting says:

    I definitely concur with the big pony polos. If I wanted to see that many horses in one place, I’d visit a ranch. When I see a guy wearing one of those ranch polo pieces, I think that he’s starved for attention and is a label whore.

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