cool belts.

I found this on Martin + OSA the other day and will be gifting this to myself on my upcoming birthday. It’s pretty much the best belt known to man. Wearing this belt will grant you immunity to many a terminal illness and may even promote world peace around your waistline.

Martin + Osa $50

pretty sure its made of woven dreams

pretty sure its made of woven dreams

Old Navy $15


Men’s Warehouse $20

i swear by these for work, have all 3 colors-- slim, trim, clean, no frills.

i swear by these for work, have all 3 colors-- slim, trim, clean, no frills.

Lands End $20


looks like the M&OSA for 60% less. i'm sold.

Step your belt game up. No AX belts, please. Just be wary of the big buckle in general, actually.

4 Responses to “cool belts.”
  1. Danny Wong says:

    the selection’s great! i especially love the one from Old Navy because it is a killer addition to a great casual look. olive is by far an amazing color, esp. when paired with brown. great choices!

  2. michael says:

    i’ve heard from a friend who’s a fashion major that brown leather is much better quality than black leather, therefore I should always have brown shoes (to match the brown belts you posted). she heard this from some Italian designer who spoke at her school.

    any thoughts on this avoiding black leather like the plague?

    i’ve since gotten a nice pair of brown shoes and matching belt, and although I was assured that brown goes with everything black does…sometimes it looks a little messy.

    • Blank Label says:

      I am not familiar with the quality difference with black and brown. but i do know that black suits should NEVER be worn with brown shoes and belt.

      i love black leather. although brown is awesome as well. my favorite would be tan though.

      a simple pair of black shoes with a plain black belt is relatively inexpensive. so i would say there is no harm in wearing black leather. also because black is a nice color. just wear it when most appropriate.

      other times stick with brown. switching to black occasionally also gives you a fresher look every now and then because you wont be wearing out the look of the brown shoes and you also do not wear out the makeup and heel/sole of the shoes. giving your shoes a break every now and then is good for them.

  3. Colby says:

    Thanks Manshion, I recently purchased a leather belt that resembles the one from lands end. However, I purchased it from Reeds a local retailer and paid to much. Wish I could have seen this blog post earlier.

    Anyway I’ve also heard that brown leather belts are more durable than black leather belt. Don’t know if it’s true either… I’ve just heard it before.

    Thanks for the post!

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