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Been a while, I know. If you’ve been following my twitter account(s) you’ll notice that A.) I’ve been working A LOT and B.) I have been wearing clothes. I’m trying to jam this all in on my lunch break (that’s what she said). No seriously, I’m trying to fit a big amount in a tight space (she also said that). I hope this isn’t too much for you (I said that one).

Basics all men need.

These items can and probably should be worn at least once a week.

These are the kinds of things you can wear reconfigured with different outfits two days in a row.


$35 trim fit - LL Bean

$35 trim fit - LL Bean

There are few shirts you can wear to work and do the laundry in on Saturday. This will also look good on a lady friend as a makeshift nightgown.. especially with the trim fit version that is shorter and slimmer.. I’ll leave the rest up to you on that. Mental note, that’s all.



$80 Gap

This extra chunky cardigan can get some play at work and at… well, play. It’s too thick to wear under a blazer, though. Leave that to the thin merino wool variety. This cardi’ should be worn in place of your suit jacket on a crisp fall day. Unbutton as appropriate to let the shawl collar really take shape. Of course, always leave the bottom button undone.


$60 - Martin + OSA

$60 - Martin + OSA

Got to try these on recently. Really liked the fit and wash on these. Slim, but comfortable. Some character, but none of that over-the-top imitation aging. Basically, you can dress these up with a shirt and tie, or wear commando-style as you drink milk from the carton and catch up on Saturday morning cartoons. Was that example too specific? Don’t judge me.



I love this version of the MacAlister boot. Well-oiled brown leather. You would think you couldn’t pull these off with a suit, but rest-assured you can with the right suit. Certainly you would not pair this with a fine uber-tailored Italian navy pinstriped number, the kind of suit you immediately think to garnish with a handkerchief. No, no. However, a nice flannel suit that can stand to show a bit of wear, or a thick tweed ensemble that demands a tie of character and not seven-fold imported silk–these types of suiting can really play well with these boots.

Planning some things for the end of the month. Bear with me.

Bonus (seemingly random, but I promise it is not) Question:

2 Responses to “work/play clothes”
  1. Daniel S. says:

    Where’s the bonus question?

  2. yeon says:

    love your posts. 🙂

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